Former Balch Springs Police Officer gets 15 years for murder. Roy Oliver was described as a trigger happy time bomb ready to go off. Before being hired in Balch Springs he was employed by Dal-Worthington Gardens PD.  A DWG Police Officer testified that Oliver changed after completing his second tour in Iraq. In a facebook post Oliver claimed to be really good at killing.  We don't know about that, but he's certainly good a spraying bullets around from an AR15. Hitting a car moving away from him and his partner who testified he did not feel threatened. Killing Jordan Edwards a HS Freshman. 


One has to wonder how many more are there like him across the country? Is it hundreds or thousands. There is some data out there that gives us a clue since they spy on everybody.  


​News reports say Jordan Edwards family is happy with the verdict. From what we understand in the case of murder, Oliver must serve half of the sentence before being eligible for parole. So if that's true he could be out in 7. I don't know about the family but it sure wouldn't make us happy.  


We hink that since convictions of police officers are so rare the black community is for the most part happy with the outcome. Just realize an appeal is coming. 


TBR Opinion:


We've talked many times of the mentality of police officers.  Who have used overpowering lethal force to protect themselves justified or not. It's the very reason you see 6 cops on one man or woman and it's the reason they'll dispense hundreds of rounds into a neighborhood or shopping center.


Has, "I feared for my life" or "my partners life" worn itself out? It certainly has in the black community. They aint buyin it. 


This trend will certainly continue since it's built into their training as a militarized police force and the fact this conviction of Oliver is rare. It's still not over with as an appeal is imminent.  

There is certainly a lot of inequities between the law and the citizens. For over 3 years the Biker community has witnessed it first hand. You don't have to be black to recognize it or be a victim of it.


Fairness, a level playing field with truth instead of lies and innuendos. It's some thing all Americans expect and deserve. We aim to see everyone gets it per the Constitution. 


In the coming weeks and months. Things are going to heat up Bikers to be prosecuted, persecuted, profiled through show trials in multiple cities.


Get ready to ramp it up with us...    


Ride Safe Brothers & Sisters... Ride Safe...