No one has been discouraged by us.


It's the natural order of American society who can't hang in there for the long haul. Doesn't matter politics or war. The easy way out is the order of the day.


That is Unless you are a member of the loony left which we are not. We are Constitutionalist who happen to be Bikers. We bring with us a The Constitution and a Bible, in the past our 2nd amendment brothers join us with long arms and open carry. It's the law per the Constitution the supreme law of the land!

We've done this 6 times in Waco and once in Austin.

We were certainly surprised to see all the extra law enforcement they brought in for 35 people exercising the Constitutional rights to peaceably assembly and seek redress. Mission accomplished!


The poor black guy that came out of the farmers market with a knife then chased by a bunch of white cops pistols drawn, riffles at the ready should be glad we were there to witness, looked like 40 of them got their man. Kudos to the Sheriffs department for showing such restraint in six shooter junction. We should all get a life savers badge & a proclamation from the county. Just maybe we saved Waco from a BLM protest in front of the McLennan County Court House and on to Fixer Uppers place which is more popular than their scandal ridden Baylor U. 

The WPD & DPS should have such savvy.


We will return in August for a Hotter Than Hell Ride, we'll serve Ham Sandwiches on the court house steps. Maybe Able Reyna will accept our challenge to Test his Indictment skills on a Ham Sandwich, Sgt Swanton could vilify it, maybe the used car salesman in a red coat will show up with a million dollar bond, Sgt Swanton should also come speak and since he's a man of God, he could tell us about Bering false witness against the innocent? ya never know do ya?