Sasquatch - We Love Him
Sasquatch - We Love Him
The Fall Of America 


Hey everybody, Welcome to the Sasquatch on the Road, Special Report # 1 sponsored by, The Sons Of Liberty Riders MC. & Well folks, Brother's & Sister's of the Biker Nation ! Texas Bikers and bikers across the nation & beyond !

Well this is outrageous, the hate against the establishment has hit new heights as Protesters become a mob of thugs who have crossed that line into looting and then worse ! Rioting Burning down buildings & all the way to murder .


It's incredible what's going on in a lot of big Cities across this entire Country of the USA . Such blind rage & vicious hate has never been seen before at this level against a country that has tried to love peace and God & avoid war's & evil .However it seems the haters numbers keep growing & growing !


And so it seems that it has become necessary to call out the National guard in many big Cities across the County from Washington D.C. to L.A. & San Francisco & from Minnesota to Dallas & Austin & Houston, TX. This blind hate has engulfed the whole Country, how could any good parents let their kids grow up to harbor such hate for their own country ? Remember, spare the rod and spoil the child ? Well it's too late for all of that now !

And I hope you know what that spells ? I'm afraid that spells Marshall Law ! And that is a shame because it means under Marshall Law it's really not America any longer, instead it's a total Police State !


Well it looks like all you liberals & Leftist are getting your way in screwing up America but you're not going to like the results of what you created and the Justice that's coming because of the atrocities you have done against the America people and innocent people that have lost their businesses. Their livelihoods and their lives in some cases ! Because hate is as hate does & it ain't pretty!


So welcome to life under Marshall Law you Pathetically Sorry S.O.B'S . O ye generation of Vipers ! So much Reckless hatred is the cause of this country breaking down & no more freedom for everybody is about to commence. And it saddens me to see it be lost , but you haters of America have caused this tyranny and anarchy across the land with groups like Antifa, Black lives matter, which still don't understand
why all lives matter, and many other home grown terrorist hater groups including spawns of the Democratically run Schools & colleges who have taught hate toward their own great Country & community's . They are basically cutting their own trouts by destroying their own countrymen and have been brainwashed to believe that communism is better than capitalism ? Not a chance man! Ha ha, give me strength ! And they have turned a peaceful protest in to mayhem and madness riots looting and destroying property & vicious attacks in the streets, even murder .


Totally ludicrous behavior and vicious haters are now destroying the world to the chagrin of the New World Order. Who I blame as the cause of the most of this unrest in the first place ! It took them several decades to encourage and invest in such hate and disdain in our own society, and install the deep state traitors in our Government. If they can take down America the rest of the world will fall in line ! Here we go people, hold on to your hats, in my opinion the Tribulation outlined in the book of Revelations has begun, and after the Gray horse brought death disease famine's pestilence and pandemic's.


Shortly after the gray horse wreaks havoc, then the Red horse rides and takes all the peace from the world & the world goes to war ! Not Cool because war is Hell on Earth . Well folks I hate to be the forecaster of doom, but things are not looking good now for America & those who love their freedoms and their Country so much, and just wanted to ride & and enjoy their biker lifestyle's live in peace and be left alone . ! I'm sorry to say 😩, what's happening now, sucks really hard ! The American Gestapo is about to be unleashed on all these bad players but screwing it up for the rest of us peace and freedom loving folks as well !


This has been a Sasquatch on the Road Special Report . Ride safe & be mindful of the things to come , Ride em while you still can & avoid the major cities if you can, stay away from the problem areas. And as always keep the rubber side down !


Sasquatch S.L.O.R. MC. Peace and good will to my Brothers !