The Flint Michigan drinking water crisis is nothing compared to whats happened to Sand Branch Texas. Flints had contaminated water for the past two years, Sand Branch has had it for 30 plus.


Sand Branch has depended on well water since its existence (1887).


The wells that provided the community clean drinking water were contaminated shortly after the Southside Waste Water Treatment Plant moved next to the tiny community. To this day the people of Sand Branch must haul water to drink and operate sewage for the Church.


Flint, Michigan, lies about 70 miles from the shores of the largest group of fresh water bodies in the world: the Great Lakes. Yet its residents can't get clean water from their taps.


Sound familiar?

Nearly two years ago, the state decided to save money by switching Flint's water supply from Lake Huron (which they were paying the city of Detroit for), to the Flint River, a notorious tributary that runs through town known to locals for its filth.

The switch was made during a financial state of emergency for the ever-struggling industrial town. It was supposed to be temporary while a new state-run supply line to Lake Huron was ready for connection. The project was estimated to take about two years.


Unlike Dallas County who has not been in a financial state of emergency at least Michigan has taken action to rectify the problem and we assume the water lines that brought clean water from Lake Huron are still there. We would think there is a relatively quick fix if the will to do it is there.


At least the residents of Flint are not being forced out of their communities.


The public outcry about Flint has been heard all across Michigan and the Nation. Yet the tiny minority community of Sand Branch which has been beat to death by Dallas County gets little attention outside of local media.


Maybe its the shear size of Flint compared to Sand Branch, but nothing trumps 30 years of neglect, threats and the destruction of a city. As little as a week ago Dallas County Commissioners were saying the people of Sand Branch needs to move out. Using FEMA 100 year flood plains maps as an excuse to force them out for decades. 


Millions of American live in 100 years flood plains, Galveston, Houston, New Orleans which can have multiple floods within 100 years. In 2015 many area lakes, rivers had 100 year floods all across Texas. Sand Branch did not flood!  


Pastor Eugene Keahey  & Family


Sand Branch has almost been beaten out of existence by Dallas County. Its time for them to stop. Get the people of Sand Branch water they've been denied for 30 years, quit threatening them with fines and unlawful ordinances, let them repair their homes without fear the County will tear them down, clear the lots of debris the county left behind after tearing down homes, get them sewage. Restore the community! its the least they can do after 30 years.  

​Sand Branch is a beautiful peaceful community. Our hats are off to the citizens of Sand Branch who's endured great pressure by the County for decades. We are grateful for the efforts of Pastor Eugene keahey and the Mt Zion Baptist Church.

We have your backs - whatever it takes..


We are the media , we ask you to share the story of Sand Branch and the Mt Zion Baptist Church established in 1887. 


Please join us on at Save Sand Branch Texas on facebook..


Come to our Rally April 16th 12:PM in Sand Branch Texas