Progressive Mind Heads (PMH) are weak minded people exploited by the the rich, well connected (such as politicians) and main stream media better known as fake news. They believe anyone outside of the Mind Head sphere should be silenced, eliminated if possible. They will lie, cheat, indoctrinate and yes, kill. PMH takes away reason, common sense and the ability to think as an individual. They move in lock step against those who they think are the enemy. They think, act, breathe, indoctrinate PMH 24/7 


They will welcome anyone who backs their cause, even terrorists who have entered America to do us harm. They will fan the flames of hate, division and anarchy. All the while calling themselves patriots.  


America Did not Stand Still As Sign Predicts
America Did not Stand Still As Sign Predicts


Progressive Mind Heads should be careful. Recently they had a day without immigrants. "Big Failure", most of America had no clue it was going on without fake news reports. Of course now we know. A few businesses had to close their doors, they hire and depend on illegal workers. We can now make sure we do not patronize those who are hiring at the very least an aggravated felon.


Be Careful!


Now the progressive Mind Heads have come up with a day without women. The idea being to shut down public schools and give kids a free pass, then on the following day indoctrinate our children on the virtue of their cause.  


There's no doubt many public school admins are also progressive Mind Heads, therefore they do not think the same way people with common sense do. They do not care if there are repercussions to their actions, it's the common progressive Mind Head goal that above all else.


It's the common sense people who will prevail by explaining to our kids the art of progressive Mind Heads indoctrination. Start early and often to counter the progressive Mind Head movement that works 24/7 in a never ending cycle of hate..


Kindergarten to College 


We Look For Another Epic Fail...
















Ref: Bowfinger - Mind Heads