We find it incredible HOP/CHAZ can thwart a police investigation of a shooting that resulted in one dead and another in critical condition. On top of that the media has all but forgot that if it bleeds it leads.


A 19-year-old "black man" man is dead and another man, age unknown, is in critical condition. Both men were treated at Harborview Medical Center, where the 19-year-old died.

Seattle police say they responded to the scene around 2:30 a.m. after reports of gun shots in the area. SPD says officers tried to find a shooting victim, but were met by a violent crowd that prevented them safe access to the victims. They were later informed that CHOP medics took them to Harborview. We have no clue whether the medics were certified?


We guess his life did not matter?

SPD says the suspect(s) fled the area. There is no suspect description. If you have information about the incident or video, police are asking you to call the tip line at: (206) 233-5000.


SPD is now begging the public for help. After this episode they are officially worthless as an investigative body in the country of CHOP/CHAZ.


Looks like until there is a regime change in Seattle CHOP/CHAZ's future is bright unless internal feuding causes a collapse of it's political system which is lead several different factions of morons, some armed and dangerous. 


The truth is the whole State is a fuckin circus, complete with a freak show like no other. They should be charging admission, giving love tours to make up for the millions in lost revenue coddling the citizens of CHOP/CHAZ.


There's been rumors of 1% Clubs headed to Seattle to confront folks in the CHOP/CHAZ freak show. Turns out that's fake news, although there was some Bikers that confronted BLM protesters in a small town in Ohio that had a police force of 6 officers. Of course the media called them Biker Gangs and white supremacists. 


Thank God for Bikers that are willing to take the anarchist on!!!!