Total silence from the Office of Abel Reyna after the First Twinn Peaks Mistrial. You notice we say first Mistrial? For the better part of a month Reyna and his team threw everything they had at Bandido Jake Carrizal. They actually thought they were dazzling the jury with their intellect and prowess. Many mistakes were made and there is more to come if they try innocent men and women.


Buy we digress, they can figure it out!



Right now they need to own what they started, the silence is deafening, even the Waco Tribune is not going there. You would think someone in the local media would now be questioning the wisdom of arresting 177 people without due process and a real investigation? A investigation that included who did what in a parking lot fight, who's guilty or innocent? Abel Reyna took over Waco PD by pushing real career investigators to the side like chicken feed. Guaranteed the Police Chief vacationing in never never land sippin on a margarita. The Chief actually handed over the reins to Abel Reyna who turned police officers into story tellers and liars, case and point Sgt Swanton.


Not my problem any mo! I'm on vacation..


You would think someone would ask has he (Abel Reyna) ever handled an investigation of over 20 people much less that 200 plus Bikers at TP? Just what is his crime scene investigation experience? 


​Ego has surely gotten in the way of common sense in a system that's had it's way in McLennan County. It's so bad Law Enforcement schemes along with the DA and the Good Ole Boys within judicial system.  Abel Reyna has given a new meaning to speed in McLennan County. 


A system designed on speed in the courtrooms, but before that they'll hold you for as long as they can in a for profit jail, then release you on bond with a over priced For profit ankle monitor. Then drag you through the mud for 2 1/2 years only to find yourself within a system full of law partners, family members, alumni and law enforcement.  


​They could give a damned less about one's Constitutional rights and even less about the innocent. A system that reeks of corruption.   


The good news is. These system are full of political backstabbers that really can't stand each other. There are bones everywhere and someone knows where they're at and when opportunity comes.


"Boom"! You find everything on hold while you travel for your own trial for selling your office to friends and donors. Fun isn't it Abel? See you in court.. 


Let The Innocent Go!