Pure Evil Portrays Himself As Man Of God
Pure Evil Portrays Himself As Man Of God

We know plenty of smart people of all colors, but anyone who hitches their trailer to this guy is pure ignorant. Dr Reverend Jeff Hood seeks the weak minded to follow his twisted version of Christianity and he is slick. 


He latches himself to anything that's the least bit controversial and he's full of self promotion. Now with black lives matter, he's found a new niche and he's got them fooled and following. We'll see if they get enough of this crazy white boy that believes God is queer? 


The Hood has written several books. The Queer: An Interaction with The Gospel of John, The Queering of an American Evangelical and The Sociopathic Jesus. A Southerner, Queer and Christian.


Stuck on queer and transgenders but now he's moved on to BLM to preach hate. He certainly has the right audience for that. A real christian guy, huh? Its interesting that the shooter mentioned the end is coming to police and the rev hood preaches the same line.


A Brietbart article called him an activists, we call him a dangerous lunatic guiding the already misguided.


Quotes from rev hood:


Rev: After Thursday nights shootings he said, “The police are always prepared for a gunfight. We shouldn’t be surprised when they actually get one.”


Rev:  Oh False God That We Call America Unhallowed Is Your Name You Help Us Kill And Assert Our Will On Earth As We Think It Is In Heaven Oh One True God, Save Us From This Bullshit We Are In Dire Distress Give Us This Day Our Daily Brains Forgive Us For Killing Our Enemies...


Rev: I’ve long wondered why people are so certain that Jesus had a penis?


Rev:  God is Love. The Beginning was Love. The End is Love. Bring on the Apocalypse.


Rev:  In Philippians 4:6, Paul doesn’t want us to be anxious about anything. I think we should translate that into modern language and approach our anxieties with one phrase in mind…Fuck it. Amen.


This so called Reverend fans the flames of hate, taking a page from the muslims. He and black lives matter claims themselves as victims of a crazy man. The shooter was anything but a crazy man.


The fact is he was indoctrinated over a period of time. Young blacks are being indoctrinated into believing they are victims of the white man, totally disregarding the advances made by blacks over the last 50 years. Whatever is wrong it's certainly not because of the lack educational opportunities. Its there if one wants to grab it.  


Over the past decade there have been over 2151 whites killed by police  and 1130 blacks. Of course there are 5 times more whites in America, blacks make up 12% of the population and declining due to abortions and black on black crimes.


Bottom line,   "If you defer and don’t try to challenge a police officer, he may insult you but he won’t kill you..


Some Have Suggested the Shooter Is In This Video 

The shooter Micah Johnson was a member of the new black panthers in Houston and he executed a plan that caught everyone off guard. He's was not crazy he was indoctrinated just like any other terrorist.



Does Alex Jones have it right???



Editors Note:  There is a point that radical groups like Rev Hood & The New Black Panthers go from political activists to modern day terrorist. That point is when they start advocating killing any human being. There's not one of the blm protests that has been totally peaceful, including the one in Dallas.


The rhetoric continues include killing white people (any white people) and cops, sooner or later some indoctrinated weak minded individual or group will act on it. Its at that point the public will "demand" action and all hell breaks lose.


All of these actions have political consequences and those that are fanning the flames and paving the way for racial domestic terrorist will pay a price as the people will have had enough.


We know who's at the bottom of it all do you?