While we were sleeping over the last few decades the Legislature was busy writing laws that are unconstitutional. Legislators at the State & Federal levels really have no clue about anything other than rules of order. They sit on committees and are lead around by the nose. Especially when it comes to Bikers and so called Biker Gangs, the FBI, DPS and other government agencies have their way. The vilification never ends and Laws get passed that should not see the light of day. 


Little did we know for us Bikers the country has changed into Queensland. Not everyone has the time or drive to go the The Texas Penal Codes. Like Chapter 71.02 (organized criminal activity) or Penal Code Title 10 Offenses against public health Sec. 46.02 Unlawful Carrying  that explains what we see playing out across the State of Texas. 


Using these Laws we could make a good case that the Democratic & Republican Parties are Street Gangs. The definitely fit the criteria. Not to mention the Law itself. 

It was mentioned to us yesterday that the law would like to include anyone wearing a patch or any Motorcycle Club Member. We see serious problems as it stands right now much less taking things that far. We can see this can and has spread far beyond the Bandidos, with out of State Clubs getting the treatment. Cool heads must prevail because in Texas they will try to instigate as we witnessed in Fort Worth. 

The Constitution is the supreme law of the land, not laws made by biased individuals, organizations and law makers that generally have no clue. They should never pass laws based on 50 years of innuendos and outright lies. 


On one of our recent Radio Shows (#316 see home page) Bill Smith of the Smith & Davis Law Firm out of Dallas recommended we unite and fight back using every method at our disposal including protests and getting involved politically. That means getting to know your State & Federal Representatives. Let them know of our concerns and tell them we are connected politically. Motorcycle Clubs are not gangs. Bikers across the State are being stopped harassed, threatened, profiled, made to disrobe, and arrested with licenses to carry vetted by the State.


There is still time to get involved in close races, give a hand even if it's using social media to support a candidate. 


The efforts to end Motorcycle Profiling Goes into high gear. It essential everyone take part. Resolve your difference's with other Clubs and Unite in this fight.  


Let's Roll Fort Worth Stockyard Stampeded Nov. 10th 2018..