It has been reported that Bikers have been stopped and profiled by Fort Worth PD SRT Unit members. Over the weekend a Biker was arrested for having a gun and others were profiled as they left Wilson's Leather Goods near the Stockyards. These Bikers were patched and un-patched. For years we've been pointing out Profiling would spill over into the Motorcycling Public. For this reason we are issuing a Texas Biker Radio Alert to all Bikers Local, State and National. 


In Texas be aware you can be profiled at any time whether your riding your Bike or not. Our own Members had their Bikes profiled at a hotel in the mid cities. Police said they heard Bandidos were in the area. Their Bikes had no Club insignia's on them.  1% Clubs be aware they will take a weapon from you permit or not if your Club has made it onto their OMG (OH My God) list. Taking your weapon when you have been properly vetted by the State and issued a Texas Concealed Carry permit is illegal for them to do, but since when does it apply to these rogue Units that see themselves as Judge, Jury & Executioner.  We think there are reasons for the uptick in surveillance. You can pick the order of importance.  


Set A Narrative For Up Coming Trials In Texas / FTW


Over 50 Years Of Vilification By The Law 


Misinformation Spewed By Motorcycle Gang Investigators Assoc. (The Goal Being Money)


Governor Abbots Gang Initiative (Motorcycle Clubs Are Not Gangs)


Our Recent Success In McLennan County Exposing Corruption and Collusion (Good Bye DA Abel Reyna) 


FBI / DPS  Gang Reports (decades of lies & Innuendo)


Poor Training and Poorer Vetting by PD's. (Failure To Weed Out Bad Apples)


Texas DA's & The Courts (Collusion Like We Saw In Waco) 


Out of State Clubs you can be tracked from the minute you cross the Texas Border by DPS and other LE Agencies. Militarized Units like the FTW SRT exist all across the State and more than willing to violate your Constitutional Rights to even exist. They will claim an investigation for any minor infraction. If an arrest is made they can keep you in limbo for years. Make sure your Bike and paper work is in order inspection / insurance. 

In a recent profiling that went down inside Wilson's Leather Goods a gun was pulled on a Vagos MC member without cause and with a child present. Everyone was complying without a word. It's in our view they were trying to provoke them into making a move. Don't fall for it keep your cool. Understand they are collecting data on us all for their fusion centers. You can bet we are all categorized, Understand there is more than one fusion center. Very secretive and we pay for it.  


​if you are stopped and profiled may we suggest get video, send it out FB Live so its useless to confiscate your phone for video. Too Late! Already Gone sucka!  Same thing we did inside Wilson's, we sent it out live.  


We are calling for a Protest & Rally Called the Stockyard Stampede. For those of you like us, who believe in the Constitution and the Right to "Peaceably Assemble" join us November 10th 2018. Let's show that FTW SRT does not own the city of Fort Worth as they claim.    


Don't Forget Participate In The Motorcycle Profiling Project MPP National Survey


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