Motorcycle Profiling In Laymen"s Terms


Motorcycle Profiling means the illegal use of the fact that a person rides a motorcycle or wears motorcycle-related paraphernalia as a factor in deciding to stop, question, take enforcement action, haze, arrest, or search a person or vehicle, with or without a legal basis under the State or US Constitution.” Motorcycle profiling by law enforcement amounts to a publicly funded campaign of discrimination.
For 70 years Bikers and Biker Clubs have been vilified by the media and law enforcement.


July 4th 1947 -  It started at an American Motorcycle Association Sanctioned event in Hollister Ca. where the term 1% was born, meaning 1% of all Bikers were outlaws. The weekend included a fake news article by Life Magazine that staged pictures and over hyped articles that didn’t fit with what actually happened that weekend. According to those there at the time it was all overblown, over hyped, over sensationalized. Let the myth begin with a movie to follow. 

For 70 years the vilification has evolved from simple and over hyped stories by the law and the media to Constitutional violations that include the Courts of Texas.There are now media and law enforcement entities that profit benefit from vilifying Bikers.

In particular so called gang experts who offer seminar’s to law enforcement that reinforce the narrative using the same innuendos they’ve used for decades.

Both the FBI and Texas Department issue yearly gang assessment reports, both include Motorcycle Clubs they call Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs.

Both are virtually the same copy and paste jobs saying the same thing for the last 3 decades. In the report they list crimes motorcycle clubs are supposedly are involved in.

In The 2017 Gang Assessment Report Texas report they list the Bandidos as a 2 tier gang who’s crime is described as organizing charity events, toy runs, wearing patches and riding in large numbers, wow!

Why has this vilification continued for 70 years? Partly because Motorcycle Clubs in the late 40’s embraced the 1% titles and no one pushed has ever pushed back…..
Until Now

Motorcycle Clubs are not Boy Scouts, but they are certainly not street gangs and they are not deserving of the harassment and vilification that has evolved

law enforcement over the years has violated their Constitutional Rights /Civil Liberty’s on a daily basis in Texas.

With the emergence of Fusion Centers who’s goal is said to be a collaborative effort of two or more agencies that provide resources, expertise, and information to the center

with the goal of maximizing their ability to detect, prevent, investigate and respond to criminal and terrorist activity.

When it comes to Motorcycle Clubs and Motorcyclist It’s a Constitutional Civil Rights Violation machine

with data entered by biased individuals who will benefit financially and other ways.
They have bought into a narrative built on 70 years’ worth of lies, hype and innuendos.

We have picked out 4 incidents that demonstrate cases of motorcycle profiling behavior by law enforcement, some to the point they put motorcyclist lives in danger. This is 4 among hundreds of cases. The fact is there are a lot more that goes unreported. 

Cody Austin Texas 

Courtesy Of Motorcycle Profiling Project
Cody Austin Texas  - Cody was stopped by Austin Police while on his way to class for a so called traffic violation. Instead of a traffic stop it was all about profiling, Austin Police took pictures and made him disrobe on the side of the road. Cody did not receive a ticket and has since been compensated  for violations of his Constitutional Rights...


Joseph Chapo Perez

Just Outside Of Galveston I-45.


I Wasn’t speeding but the trooper said an unmarked undercover who later turned out to be a fed agent observed me doing 4 miles over the speed limit. You can also hear the trooper say someone called in on me that I was sticking my hands in my pockets like I had a weapon. They were trying to throw shit on the wall and see if anything would stick. Trooper says I take it you’re a real Bandido, nawww Bruh I bought this cut at Walmart That’s an FBI agent in the green vest.


TBR Popeye: As you can see Mr Perez is complying with officer demands (rarely will a Biker not comply) and asking questions as he should. 4 miles over the speed limit is pretty trivial when you consider 5 miles over is the standard throughout Texas. If we were pulled over every time we stuck our hands in our pockets the law wouldn't have time for anything else. Video is a smart idea for your protection not every cop is honest. 

Twinn Peaks Waco Texas 200 Profiles

You don't have to be on a Motorcycle to be profiled. I can be as simple as attending a political meeting unknowing a horrible event was imminent. An event that could have been easily avoided.

We think there is ample evidence the fight that broke out in the parking lot  was instigated by multiple law enforcement agencies. Resulting in resulting in 9 dead and over 20 wounded.

Immediately 200 Motorcyclist (the majority of who had no part in the parking lot fight) were Profiled and arrested for what they were wearing and who they may have associated with.

Jailed with 1 million-dollar bonds.

All without a proper police investigation.

Followed by outright lies, innuendos to vilify 1% or not  as members of a criminal organization.

They vilified and arrested Bikers that had done nothing wrong and have never been criminals. They also violated their Constitutional Rights.

There has yet to be a single conviction and the DA Able Reyna has been removed from office.


White Settlement Texas Mr Mann 



Mr Mann:


A White Settlement City Councilman And Tarrant County Sheriffs Deputy Dave Mann went into a rant over Bikers that were there to receive a Motorcycle Safety Proclamation.


Mr Mann went into a rant about Motorcycle gangs, Bandidos, Waco and so on. here is his exact statement “It is a sad day when city officials invite violent criminal street gangs into our city who thrive on selling heroin, marijuana, methamphetamine and other narcotics and promote prostitution, human trafficking, gun trafficking, murder and other criminal activities,” stated a letter from Mann which he read prior to May 8, 2018’s council meeting. “I cannot be a part of a council who openly honors criminals and their illicit activities. Council members are sworn to protect our citizens!”


It was a clear case of Motorcycle Profiling by a Law Enforcement Officer. He went into a rant because he has been indoctrinated to the Narrative of the DPS / FBI who paint everybody with a broad brush. Everybody is guilty of crimes and collusion in their eyes. He based his opinion on what they were wearing, patches, colors, maybe body art, what they ride, who he "thought" they associate with, true or not.


There was not a single Bandido in the room, the list of Clubs included the Chula Chasers who donated $75,000 Dallas to MHMR in Tarrant County. TBR Article


Note! Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn agrees Motorcycle Safety is a concern for every Motorcyclist Club Member or not, 1% or not.


Tarrant County Wilson's Leather Goods


Vagos MC was visiting Fort Worth Stockyards on a rainy day. Seeking rain gear they stopped by Wilson's leather Goods who is well known go to by all in the Motorcycling Community for 38 years. Vagos MC Members hail from Missouri  which is a Constitutional Carry State (All CCW permits from other states are honored by Missouri. ... The six states that have a written agreement with Missouri are; Texas, South Dakota, Mississippi, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire).


In comes the FTW Special Response Team who claimed someone saw two Vagos MC Members stowing their weapons in their saddle bags. It's customary when your not sure of the laws pertaining to certain businesses. The behavior of this Unit and it's leader was despicable and threatening for no reason, but even worse was the pulling of his service weapon. See Video By TBR on the scene.

Inside Police Officer Sgt Banes demanded hands up against the wall, One rider was away from the wall with his hands up. Not sure if there wasn't a spot on the wall for him or he did not hear. A FTW police officer Sgt Banes drew his gun on him and Jeff Wilson little grand daughter started crying. We didn't see that kind of action was necessary since he was trying to comply. To keep us from continuing to video their behavior the police moved  Vagos MC member's outside. In the end it was nothing more than profiling and putting them into their worthless data base that does not stop crime. 


95% of the time police are 2nd responders following citizens on the scene..