Waco TX:  Judge Ralph Strother of Waco’s 19th State District Court will preside over the first trial, set now to begin April 17 or so they say. 23 months after the Twin Peaks shootout between rival biker groups left nine dead and two dozen wounded. It's unclear how many were killed or wounded by police who had no real clear rules of engagement other than shoot anyone moving.


You could have been fighting for your life and shot in the back by the law. 


“In complex cases, it’s not uncommon for the trial to occur 18 months to two years after the alleged incident occurred,” 54th State District Judge Matt Johnson (Reyna's former law partner) said in a recent Waco Tribune article. Clearly the Judge Johnson hasn't read the Constitution lately or like the rest of the McClennan County Judicial system he doesn't really give a damned about any of that..


Why let a half dozen Constitutional Amendments get in the way, right?


In the two years since the shootout, attorneys for some of the 177 indicted bikers have sought dismissal of the charges, insisted on speedy trials, asked for a change of venue and tried to disqualify Reyna from handling the cases. So far, those efforts have not been successful, although Dallas attorney Clint Broden is appealing his failed effort to disqualify Reyna.



It was Able Reyna who pushed Waco PD to the side to indict 177 people, as we've found out Waco PD was in the process of sorting out who was involved in the parking lot fight and who wasn't. It was clear some UC cops had a voice in who walked. 


Of course we all know there's not a DA in the land that won't prosecute the innocent if they can get away with it. There's not that many that will try 177.



The name of the game is vilify all Bikers to poison the well, meaning the jury pool in McClennan County.


Able Reyna should have been thrown off of the cases but Judicial crony's came to the rescue. Nothing like having friends of friends of family members Statewide. Our judicial system is full of crony's, family members and crooked as hell!


A blind person can see what's going on, foot dragging to punish the innocent. Yes, the majority of Bikers had no part of the fight in the parking lot. For COCI members it was a scheduled political meeting which included Armed Forces Clubs, Motorcycle Ministries, US Defender Reps who work Motorcycle Safety Issues in the TX State Legislature. Some Cossack's said they were just told to be there for some kind of deal. And it's still not clear what part police played in setting things off before that day with visits to Cossack's leadership? It's puzzling the law "never called" the organizers of the event to express their concerns.


What we do know is they could have prevented the whole thing by simply showing themselves. 



It was said maybe 13 years to complete all trials. If you're innocent of any crimes that's a long time to wait for a chance to clear yourself. In our book that's not only denying due process and a right to a speedy trail, that's cruel and unusual punishment.


It's clear the citizens of Waco are under duress, corrupt politicians, for profit jails along with a crooked judicial system and a College to funnel a never ending line of local "good ole boys".  Graduate crooks with big family names locally, having their way is a tradition in cities all across Texas, it is a recipe for disaster and the shit we see coming out of Waco.  


The only people that are safe from the law in Waco are on the Baylor football or basket ball teams..  


Heads Up Sheriff We're Coming Back..








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