My Home Town
Lat Night we hit the road for Bike Night in Dallas there were a lot of back slapping, kudos and sighs of relief were expressed. I have to keep reminding myself we are not done, not until all the innocent have their charges dismissed. This means all COCI / US Defenders Members and I have the feeling there are Cossack's that are going to be on that ride because of Abel Reyna's actions.

Complacency is the kiss of death in the political world.

If you include this month Abel Reyna still has about 9 months left in office. We'll monitor his actions closely to if he continues the same path that lost not only his job but the confidence of the people of McLennan County. That was a ass whoopin!


Celebrations in the political world are brief, then it's back to work. We've got a big agenda ahead of us. The defeat of Abel Reyna I feel will help as we go into the next Legislative session and I'll explain why in the coming weeks and months. 


As the wheels in the old brain starts to turning we look around and say


Who's next...