It's so easy for George Soroses to lead young people into the streets without paying them. Young people have never been taught how to lose, it's the everyone gets a trophy mentality. Hilary lost the election and now they are sad. This is the reason we see tears of despair, fit throwing, screaming, crying, cussing in the streets. Many have no clue why they are out there they just don't know what to do, how to cope? It's pure wussyism on display. 


My God they can stay on their parents insurance till they're 26 and remain in High School till they're the ripe old age of 25 in some cities. Hell, go to work. 


Its easy for the paid anarchist in the crowd to lead the way with vulgar chants and actions like burning flags, cars and whatever or whoever they think are responsible for their pain. One always feels safe in a crowd, even wussy's, but reality is they could end up in prison or dead. Not by police but the paid anarchist among them.


We know this crap is cultivated in our colleges and high schools, young minds filled with progressive agendas and ideology. Everybody gets a trophy and everything is free without working for it. Its bullshit taught by progressive academic zombies who's intent is indoctrinate not teach.  


Get your children and slap the shit out of them, they don't deserve a damned trophy...