Welcome Tarrant County Residents

On this page we would like to bring you a series of articles explaining myth vs truth about Motorcycle Clubs (MC's). There are all kinds of Motorcycle Clubs, Christian, Charitable, Ethnic, Political and what they call Diamond 13 and 1%. We'll ex[lain the history of those in a future article.There is one thing most have in common they are a reflection of our society as a whole. 


Turn on your television, there is good and bad everywhere across our country even within the ranks of our politicians and law enforcement. We now live in an era where you are guilty before you can prove yourself innocent. False Narratives and innuendo are thrown out to sway the public and potential jurors against innocent people. It's exactly what we see the media and politicians use on a daily basis. There is one obvious thing we would like to point out, rarely are MC's in the nightly news, not like certain segments of law enforcement would like you to believe. 


In particular militarized gang units State and National like the FBI & DPS just to name a couple. For 40 years they've been vilifying Bikers as criminal street gangs which they are not. This too will be explained in a future article on this website.


It was over 3 years ago when we got involved in the Twinn Peaks incident in Waco Texas. Why? False reports and statements by the Law and Media. We knew the truth.  What was to be a political meeting of the Confederation Of Clubs & Independents turned into an altercation between two Clubs ( Bandidos / Cossack's) in the parking lot. To this day facts are unclear as to what part under cover police officers played in fanning the flames and encouraging the Cossack's MC to go to Twinn Peaks.


When a fight broke out in the parking lot Waco PD stepped in and shot people with high powered rifles (AR15's). Next thing they knew every law enforcement agency you could think of stepped out of the shadows. Clearly an ambush was going on. It ended up 9 people dead and 22 wounded we do believe. The entire story has yet to be told because after 3 years and counting not a single person has been convicted of a crime. 


There are multiple reason for the results we see being played out. The DA Abel Reyna arrested 177 people without a proper police investigation. Instead he took it over. He arrested the innocent along with the guilty with no effort to investigate who was actually involved in the parking lot fight. So people were arrested for what they were wearing. Basing the whole thing on falsehoods and innuendo by the DPS, Waco PD, ATF and TABC.  He actually told people this would propel him to the Governors mansion. 


There were never, never any Bikers coming to Waco to attack Police or Citizens. Sound familiar? The whole thing was designed to create an atmosphere of panic among the people and potential jurors.


During trial DA Abel Reyna tried to compare the Sons of Anarchy as a real criminal street gang. Note, the Sons of Anarchy was a fictional TV show written by Kurt Sutter and was based of the Shakespeare Play Macbeth where everybody dies in the end. We believe through testimony what happened at Twinn Peaks was ecouraged by undercover DPS law officers and Waco PD.


​Then there was the obvious collusion between the DA's Office and County Court Judges with all kinds of connections to each other. We dubbed them the Good Ole Boy Network. 




​Misinformation about MC's is a trait of  most gang units. They need it for funding, even worse they need it for hate seminars toward Bikers with books, videos and training at tax payers expense. Let's not forget fancy hotels and booze for wives and girls friends. 


The problem this misinformation spreads into the rank and file members of the Police Department and Sheriff departments across Texas and the Nation.


This is how we end up with a Fort Worth Police Officer pepper spraying Bikers as they rode by.  


This is how we end up with a Tarrant County Sheriffs Deputy / City Councilman White Settlement goes on a rant at a Motorcycle Safety Proclamation Ceremony and misidentify's every Motorcyclist in the City Council Chambers as members of the Bandidos and were at Twinn Peaks. The good thing was he resigned his City Council seat as he threw his hissy fit. To top it off he was totally wrong. 


Recently the ATF sent out a bulletin to the FTW PD that the Mongols MC were coming to the Stock Yards for a Rally, 300 to 700 Bikers they said. They immediately contacts the FW Star telegram who in turn informed the citizens word for word without question. The boogie men are coming to town. 


​9-22-18 We ventured to the Stockyards to see whether this was more hype than anything else. As we were passing by Wilson's leather goods we noticed a crowd of Police Officers and a group of Bikers on the sidewalk. We decided to stop and investigate as customers. 

Inside there was this Officer from what they call a SRT Unit Special Response Team we are told. Since we did not know his name we dubbed him officer steroid for obvious reasons. He was going into a rant about how Fort Worth was their town and how he would jail them for not putting a foot down at a stop sign or failing to give a turn signal.


Members of the Vagos MC were just standing their not saying a word and complying with all orders. One member explained he had a problem raising his arm, then SGT Steroid barked the order to do so. SGT Steroid pulled his weapon at that point. Completely unnecessary in Wilson's place of business and with his 8 year old granddaughter present. 


Two Vagos MC Member were arrested for carrying a firearm. In their home State of Missouri  they have Constitutional Carry, Even in Texas it is legal to carry in your vehicle. But not by these special units who are ready to violate your Constitutional rights  at the drop of a hat. Especially if you or your organization has made it into one of their fusion center data bases.. 


​We are not against Police Officers and unlike the BLM and Socialist Anarchist like the DNC we do not encourage the shootings of Police Officers. There is not one MC that has suggested such a thing. We want everyone home safe and that includes Bikers. We want Constitutional Rights Honored by the Law. 


Motorcycle Profiling and Harassment must end now... 


Their eyes are off the ball when it come to protecting us...





President Sons Of Liberty Riders MC