According to the WT A senior judge granted a motion Wednesday to remove 54th State District Judge Matt Johnson from presiding over the case of a biker indicted in the May 2015 Twin Peaks shootout in Waco.



A Couple of Points 


Where was Reyna? Just asking?


TBRN: This is laughable : Burks and Jarrett argued it is not unusual for prosecutors to discuss the law and charging information with police before arrests and that the entire discussion after the shootout about how to proceed and whether there was sufficient probable cause to arrest the bikers was made irrelevant by the grand jury’s decision to indict most of them.




Ham Sandwich Anyone? 


THE GRAND JURY, every moron out there knows our GJ's are a rigged one way street. Any prosecutor out there worth his salt can indict a ham sandwich  despite recent changes in the process, everyone knows they tried to throw in a ringer, on top of that everyone that remembers those proceedings knows each Biker got a 10 -12 min hearing on the charges against them just to speed thing up and get r done.


Prosecutors thump their chest "look look", the Grand Jury indicted them all guilty as hell with venomous lies to follow. 


Grand Jury's are designed to work with the prosecutors and are a joke in the public's eye. Think not Google the GJ's job. Most people avoid serving if they can get out of it, others it's a few days from work, some see it as a civic duty, then there are those that seek a seat for dubious reasons. 


But when the real trial comes the Jury has the hammer, Jake Carrizal's jury saw through all the trickery, the gerrymandering of the courts, evidence hidden from the defense and the fact that the guilty was not on trial.


It's called Jury Nullification, the last line of defense in a court system deigned to convict the innocent along with the guilty. 


On Vacation Don't Bother Me 

The claim that Chief Stroman made the final decision is also a joke, vacationing in La La land all he wanted was not to be bothered, by a pushy egotistical DA. Just Get r Done never giving a thought that an inexperienced DA could properly investigate a crime scene...


Out there in cyberspace there is a recording of that call, is the NSA worthless? Yes It Is..


Abel Reyna or Chavez purgered themselves during in another Twin Peaks case involving former Scimitars group member Matthew Clendennen. The whole case against the Bikers are based on a false affidavit, but Judges rulings save the day on behalf of the McLennan County court system, not Abel Reyna himself, it's in our judgement they work overtime with Judges in Austin and San Antonio, keep an eye out.


Who comes in next?