TIME SENSITIVE CALL TO ACTION (HB1838, TXGANG Database Transparency and Accountability):
(CTA #2, Needs to be completed by Monday morning, 28-Mar-2021)

We are being faced with every roadblock imaginable in order to not have this bill heard in the Homeland Security and Public Safety committee hearing process. We need each and every one of you to call or write the committee members below and request that they give this bill a hearing. Getting these bills are filed is a small victory but the battle continues. It is up to this Community to continue to raise awareness and give this legislation a chance to be heard. Not only that, but to give those most affected by the misuse and chance to be heard at the Capitol.

Below is a brief example of what you might say when calling or writing the committee member. Additionally, we have also included the phone numbers and email links for each.  It is important, regardless of where you live that this is done, but if they are your legislator, let them know. We need everyone together, in the same boat, rowing in the same direction to get this done. Thank you and as always,


Chair: Rep.     James White                 (512) 463-0490 District 19/ Woodville
Vice Chair:      Rep. Rhetta Andrews Bowers  (512) 463-0464 District 113/ Garland
Rep. Vikki Goodwin                             (512) 463-0652 District 47/ Austin
Rep. Sam Harless                                 (512) 463-0496 District 126/ Spring
Rep. Cole Hefner                                  (512) 463-0271 District 5/ Mount Pleasant and Lindale areas
Rep. Eddie Morales                              (512) 463-0566 District 74/ Hudspeth to Kinney
Rep. Jared Patterson                              (512) 463-0694 District 106/ Frisco
Rep. Matt Schaefer                               (512) 463-0584 District 6/ Tyler
Rep. Tony Tinderholt                (512) 463-0624 District 94/ Arlington

Example of what you could say,

“Hello, my name is ________ and as a Texan and am officially requesting that HB 1838 be heard before the Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee of which you are a part.  It is important to me and my family to see our legislators listen to those most adversely affected by their improper inclusion in the Texas Gang Database (TXGANG). We continue to look for a legislative fix since there is no clear and just path to challenge its misapplication.

HB1838, relating to intelligence databases for combinations and criminal street gangs, because our community has witnessed the arbitrary inclusion of motorcyclists into the Texas Gang Database who do not have an affiliation with known or defined street gangs identified by Texas DPS threat assessment reports. Although this was designed to be an investigatory tool not to infringe on anyone’s rights, it has turned into a punitive list to chill Constitutional rights as agreed upon by two Federal judges in El Paso and Bexar Counties. Many others have come forward reporting their inclusion and describing the impossible task of getting off of the list and the negative impact it has had on their professional and personal lives. All without due process.
My family and my community thank you for your time and look forward seeing this legislation move to the next step.

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