The big media, big tech, big gov is in an all out effort to keep The People from viewing cyber symposium. Just what are they afraid of that would make them attack our Constitutional Rights to free speech. Anyone who disagreed with their narrative of nothing to see here.


If the election was stolen by foreign & domestic entities it is the right of the people to know it. Election fraud is nothing new, it's been going on for decades, but they've taken it to new levels with electronic voting.


Mike Lindell is not the buffoon they make him out to be. He is a marketing genius for sure. The only mistake he might be making is we can't embed is event on our websites.


The mistake big media, tech, gov is making is the American People, this symposium is going to get out regardless of censorship.


There will be no doubt just off of what we know so far, there should be forensic audits across this Nation. Immediate investigations on the government entities, media & big tech that failed to protect the process or joined in to commit election fraud... This is what they are afraid of..


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