Well howdy everybody, this is Sasquatch SOLRMC with the Sasquatch On the road report # 13 ! Welcoming The Biker Nation, Texas Bikers, & Bikers across the Nation and the World !


Well folks Most of my Brothers Recently returned from our National Meeting in Albuquerque New Mexico, where I'm told they had a blast while getting reacquainted with our other Chapter Brothers from Tennessee, Texas, New Mexico & Arizona, thank God they all returned safely ! really wanted to go but I just wasn't ready yet and my Brother Dutch, our Junior S.A. tells me the ride was hot, long and grueling. And I might not of made it in one piece you know !


But I have a confession to make that I haven't shared with y'all before because well lately it's been more like the Sasquatch off the road report because I had an total hip Replacement Surgery in late March 2021 .

And my Brothers have been so gracious in helping me out, bringing me food & checking on me while I was laid up ! And I love & appreciate each and every one of my Brothers ! So now I'm looking forward to getting back on 2 wheels until possibly this coming Fall or Winter, when I will be looking at going under the knife again for Back Surgery, but I'm not looking forward to it at all!


My Spine is such a basket case, with scoliosis & prior injuries but the Doc.says I need 4 cages installed in my back and I'll spare you the gruesome details, but its what you call . a major operation that is Scheduled to take at least Six months or longer to recover from and that's exactly why I'm not looking forward to it and I'll save, the cause of the injuries for another addition of this report . Yowza !


But the Doc. Says it will improve the quality of my life. I hope he is right because anything would be an improvement from what I'm enduring right now ! And with that being said it's time to Check in on some MC.


News of the world, It's time to mount my soap box and go to Bitchen ! Like listen here man ? Well In the Texas Legislature the house stands adjourned for another 2 years, time to say Sine Die? However two motorcycle Bill's out of 7 advanced out of their committee's and had committee reports distributed, HB 1837 relating to motorcycle profiling by law enforcement made it out of committee but was held up in callender & never received a full house vote ! & H.B.1838 relating to Intelligence databases for combination & criminal street gangs, passed the house chamber & was received by the Texas Senate on 5/13/21 !

Because these two Bill's advanced through their committee's gives them about a 60% chance of becoming law next session as long as no more Democrats arrive in the Texas Legislature Ha ha 😆 LMAO ! YE HAW ! Five more MC Bill's & 1 resolution were left pending in their communities . We have seen evidence of stall tactics by the Legislators to assist in stalling of these Bill's by leaving a bill sitting on a legislators desk for over a week 10 days in this case, without giving it the attention it deserves .This is disappointing to say the least Fer Sure, but we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel for the next Legislative session ! Wich would most likely make Texas the 5th. State to pass an anti motorcycle profiling bill into Law .


You may ask why we are finally making headway ? It's because our fellow bikers and the Texas defenders & freedom fighters have heard the call to action and are on their feet and pushing back ! And remember the fight is not over until our Rights to Ride in peace are restored and Bikers are not looked at or treated like criminal street gangs any longer by law enforcement .

They are not street gangs at all y'all ! We want our freedom that so many of our Brothers & fellow Patriots fought and died for ! Yea Stand Up for your rights or the Commy bastards will take them away from us ! I want to thank the
T.C.O.C.& I, Texas Abate, United Clubs of Texas. And many other Bikers & good citizens who got involved and participated in the Texas 87th Legislative Session ! Thank you for your support ! Fight the good fight everybody. We are only beginning to win .


In other MC news .
Folks, I want you to know that profiling is not the only tactic that police are using against patch holders across our Nation, They are strong-arming businesses into refusing service to anyone wearing Club colors ! Exactly when did this Country become a dictatorship ? These totalitarian enactments are prohibited by the U.S. Constitution.


Unfortunately some businesses are collapsing under the pressure asserted by Law
Enforcement they are caving to them & other Government agencies like the ATF and others.
They Are destroying American businesses. By running off their Customers.and preventing their patrons from coming back do to the banning of Club colors ! Many who were patch holder friendly have had to close their doors forever ! It sounds like a legitimate threat by L.E. but it's a blatant lie , But too many business owners are afraid of Confrontation with the police which causes them to cave and enact no colors policies !

These Draconian rules and enactments are the direct results of corruption and the lust for Socialism in our Government by the deep state and the bad players who are the traitors of America in our Government. The Demonrats for the most part & their party of hate ! And the Bureaucrats, the masters of red tape, They could care less about our Constitution their goal is to destroy it & we the people, and they are hell bent on destroying America and turning it into a Socialist country they want to call it America of the C.C.P.Despite the will of the people because they have been bought off by the Comunist loving New World Order. And for further reference the N.W.O.!
And must be stopped at all cost. They believe they will be elitist in the new world Government, not likely, too much back stabbing and utter deceit in the Devil's brood and the generation of Vipers !


I'm sure you can see first hand where America is headed since The Demonrats stole the 2020 election from the true President Donald J Trump. And put the Potato Head (Joe Biden) in power ! Sorry if you disagree but that's my opinion and I'm sticking to it until proven otherwise or the end of time . Because there is no variation of the truth no matter how many lies you tell and try to cover up the truth, it always surfaces in the end .


Two wrongs don't make a right, that is what the Democrats still need to learn & If you do not know why there is so much hate for Trump you are truly blind, 2 the actions of Politicians, because he was doing all the good for America and stirring up the haters, O, the hate the hate the hate the little panty waist haters & creeps you make me sick to my stomach, if you don't love America grow some balls and get the hell out I'll show you the door if necessary but don't stay here and cry and whine and carry on and through out the old racist racist card and riot in the streets and burn businesses to the ground like the Democrats want you too ! To the shagrin of The BLM,

who could care less about black lives or anyone else's lives who are not part of their Marxist organization, Instead get the hell out go find out for yourself what socialism and communism is all about and you'll be back with a new wonderful attitude before you know it like Wha-Laa and Shazam Mo fo ! And to the Major American sports who have donated to these marxsist organizations you 💩 should be ashamed of yourselves ! And I will boycott you until you see the light and stand for the National anthem & stop siding with the leftus anti America haters ! And your bank accounts are emptied . I hope all of my fellow Patriots will join me in this fight. Get
woke, go broke you idiots ! Yea Coca Cola wised up right quick ! Yea my Soap box is getting heated up now ! And I could go on and on about the state of this Country since the Demonrats took office for example their cooperation with the Chinese Comunist party the C.C.P. they don't like America first, and the State of our economy, & their out of control spending just for starters, but there's more to come in future additions of the Sasquatch on the road report !


I would like to say it's no wonder why so many people would like to see the police defunded and they already have been in some blue states ? But my Club, The Sons of Liberty Riders MC is not against policing but we are against the corruption therein,after all the police are guilty of more crimes than all the Motorcycle Clubs in the U,S,A, combined ! They need to be sorted out and the corrupt players eliminated just like the Deep State needs to be eliminated from our government ! But unfortunately that cannot happen as long as the evil one is in control of our world, only God himself can straighten this mess out and he will when the time comes ! I call that knowing where the real confrontation exists ! And if you don't know
where that's at, you've already lost half of the battle. Word to the wise, Be ready for his return!

This has been the Sasquatch on the road report # 13 ! And a special thanks to Popeye & OG the founder & Cofounder of S.O.L.R. RC & MC you are the Tops my Brothers ! And thank you to everyone who fights the good fight against all who would take our freedom away and destroy our bill of rights .You people are lower than Whale Shit and we all know where that's at ! You don't belong in our Government or any Government for that matter .


Thank you SOLR of New Mexico for showing all the Brothers a good time at the 2021 National's ! I truly wish I could of been there ! Every one Ride safe with the protection from The Lord above & keep the rubber side down . Amen


● Sasquatch SOLRMC !

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