Tried To Rotate Picture? Popeye Live Friday Night There Nothing Like A Cackling Kamala To Scare the Hell Out of You & The World - Ya Really Need To See The Video Loop at Playing Now -


Popeye Feels A Rally Brewing And We Have Chapters From Alabama to Arizona - We'll Be Discussing It At Church This Weekend -


There Is Some Good News In Texas Judge Young In Milam County Lost In The Republican Primary - He Should Have Shown Some Balls We Might Have Helped Was A Close Race -


Biden Has Surely Chose Sides & It's Not With The American People - Not With Ukraine - Instead It's People Not Of This Country - Putin - Iranian Ayatollahs - Venezuela Maduro & Any Other Despot He Can Find


Biden's Blame Game Switches Daily - Now He Blames Inflation On Putin - he & The Media Are In An All Out Push..


Let's Talk Tonight 7:30 pm cst

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