mel moss says...
"In the news: Al Gore has recently decried that if you are unvaccinated it is because you are a racist. Does he not know that the demographic with the highest number of unvaccinated people are African Americans followed by Hispanics? But facts do not matter to Liberals. They seem to think that only conservative Trump supporters are resistant to the vaccine.

And Speaking of vaccines....a group of Democrat lawmakers recently fled to Washington DC in order to subvert the vote for election security in Texas. 5 of them have tested positive for Covid even though all were FULLY VACCINATED. Read that again. 5 FULLY VACCINATED lawmakers have tested POSITIVE FOR COVID 19. HMMM.

And Joe Biden was giving a speech about the Economy recovering, the stock market dropped over 600 points amid renewed Corona virus fears.

Just when you think this administration just cant get any worse, it does. I have only one thing to say about it. IMPEACH BIDEN!" (7/22/21)