The president of the largest teachers union just announced they WILL be teaching Critical Race Therory in our public schools in spite of the general public's demonstrated outrage and several states passing laws against that teaching.


So....we are in a war and it's time to take the fight to them. VOTING IS NOT ENOUGH! If you wait till the next election to expel these vitriolic leftists, it will be too late. No. It's time to fight them using the same tactics they have used against us.


Form mobs. Dox the opposition. Show up at their houses with bull horns and drums at 2 AM. GET INVOLVED IN THIS FIGHT! I hear Republicans say we should not stoop to their level. Ok. In a shooting war, should our military not stoop to the enemies level and shoot back? How would that work out for them?


No. Stoop to their level because they are fighting to win. If you dont want to get involved...then take down your American Flag and Burn it. Hand this country over to the Leftists.


Hang up a red hammer and sickle in its place and hope they never discover that you once called yourself a proud American.

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