Choose You Own Order Of Importance 

#1. Inflation created by biden administration due to attacks on oil industry. It doesn't stop there.

#2. Accountability whether it be Afghanistan and the death of 13 soldiers, leaving billions of dollars of weaponry to our enemies. Politian's that enrich themselves on the backs of the American people.  Lies innuendoes at it highest peak of corruption, the end justifies the means.

#3. Spending with no accountability, where its going and to who, can we track it, who's overseeing and to whom is it going. All is going to the inflation column.

#4. Giving comfort and aid to our enemy's - Biden cancels keystone pipeline while clearing the way for Russian Nordstrom 2 pipeline, trying to make deals with Iran and Venezuela in return for increased oil production.

#5. Crime is rampant in democratic run cities and states. Children are being murdered in their sleep, drugs flooding into the country through a border the claim is secure, people are dyeing. They do not give a damned. 

#6. Weaponizing the federal government, don't think it's the obvious suspects like the FBI, DOJ, IRS, HMS - President Joe Biden’s Cabinet includes Vice President Kamala Harris and the heads of the 15 executive departments — the Secretaries of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Labor, State, Transportation, Treasury, and Veterans Affairs, and the Attorney General. Additionally, the Cabinet includes the White House Chief of Staff, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, the Director of National Intelligence, and the US Trade Representative, as well as the heads of the Environmental Protection Agency, Office of Management and Budget, Council of Economic Advisers, Office of Science and Technology Policy, and Small Business Administration.


These are the jackbooted thugs headed towards you.

#7. Pals with China, bidens family has enriched themselves by selling influence. Has nothing to do with Russia. FBI, DOJ refuses to investigate, proving 2 or more tiers of justice, laws for us laws for them..

#8. Border an infusion of people who little dick durbin hopes will vote democrat. If they can get citizenship. When citizens can vote for benefits it's game over, they are spending us into certain collapse. Mayorkas is a certified liar who has no conscience. This will also go into the massive spending column that will increase inflation, how much is this costing tax payers???  Got To Go.. 

#9. Supply chain - Baby formula is till hard to find and the media is giving cover as usual. There are those in agriculture who are trying to warn us shortages are coming.

#10. Covid - The American people has been mislead so much the don't know which way is up, who to believe? This we do know there are people who benefited in keeping it going. We need to get to the bottom of it all, culprits, responsibility should be public, no immunity.

11. This administration is working to get past the midterms, inflation is down temporarily and so is fuel. The worst is yet to come as they foolishly try to transform us into a socialist society with corruption at the highest level unchained, this administration is just a sneak peak at our future if we do not act....

Elon Musk maybe the brightest engineers entrepreneurs on earth says we are not ready for a transformation into total electric vehicles, the electric grid will not support it with wind and solar alone...


#12. Student Debt Relief - a trillion dollars worth they say - king biden does not have the authority ..


This is just a tip of the ice berg...

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