Right now the potato head and his minions in the democratic party has the run of it all, backed up by the media, corporations who have been forced into being woke whether like it or not. Can you say BlackRock - Vanguard? They are two of the culprits who can bring pressure on corporations to comply with left winged ideology like wokeism.


The irony is we are forced into paying for it all through taxes and investments through these entities. This scheme is a mix of Communism, Marxism, Hitlerism and God knows what else. Can we throw federalism in? There is a world wide one world government crowd that's ready to take over.


We're not sure what this new 'ism is but it's a world wide cabal for sure. The big target is the destruction of American by any means. Who would have thought a few years ago when we were energy independent that the potato head (biden) would use environmentalism as the main weapon to destroy our economy.




You think not look around you at what's going on. Like it or not oil is the engine that drives this country. We are not at the point for a transition to alternant so called clean energy sources. The fact is they can't provide the energy that's going to be needed for the future, especially when we open the borders to millions of people not of this country. We do not have the resources for everybody in the world. We will go broke in short order.


The mid term elections 2022 - We are in for the fight of Our lives, Our Constitution, Our Country as we know it. We are at the brink of being taken over from within. It's obvious who the sell outs are in Washington DC and if you haven't figured it out by now move on from the page sit back and let it happen, but realize God didn't mean for you to sit back and let "evil prevail" and that's what this is evil. Lets hope there is time to avoid total collapse under the current thieves in Washington DC.  


Here's what we all need to know at the minimum and this is all by design.


Biden is doubling down on his oil policies therefore inflation is going to get worse, the cost of everything goes up, way up.


The main stream media and big tech are corrupt they outright lie or tell the story to fit a narrative.


ESG environmental, social and governance - How would you like your credit score to be gaged by your social media accounts, that's just one! Does your representative know what this is? It's not as they describe when you search the internet. They also want a new currency controlled by government. They will monitor every penny you spend.


Expect the crazies to be out at the mid terms as they are set to lose power. Do Not fall for false narratives "do your due diligence".


Let the people you elect know we want results and accountability from the people that have brought us to the brink.


Something must be done about federal workers who conspire with left winged democrats to undermine our Constitution. In 2020 they actually did conspire for a coupe de ta if Donald Trump had won. Federal workers should be held accountable at all levels including the FBI and others.


States should always control elections not the federal government. Election fraud should be enforced and jail time increased. Dark money for politicians should not be allowed including political parties. Election interference by outside organizations supported by billionaires and corporations should be held accountable. (Zuckerberg/Soros)...    


This is just a start - come back for additional data as we head toward November..


2000 Mules Opinion