Well howdy everybody this is Sasquatch of SOLRMC & Welcome to the Sasquatch on the road report #14 !  Hello to Texas bikers, and bikers across the nation & the world ! Well folks it looks like Sturgis went off this year with only a few minor scraps and the participation was way up this year despite to Covid variant and we had Democrats like Dr. Fouchy bitchen & complaining about all the unmasked bikers, yea having fun in the sun without the constraints the Government intends to enforce !  Jealous bastards! And whether or not they had their vaccine, no one seemed to care ! Because that's what freedom is all about ! In my opinion it should be your choice to take it or not take it but we are losing our freedoms all the time to the haters of America and their draconian & communist enactments!  And apparently there was a Trump rally that drew 1500 bikers and potential Voters for Trump in 2024 and some Comunist protesters showed up waving there B.L.M and Antifi flags, but they didn't cause an incident like they did in 2020 ! In other biker news .


  In Texas the TCOC&I managed to have a discriminatory decision against bikers reversed, the VFW had mandated a 1%er ban In Texas which  the Texas Coalition Of Clubs & independents TCOC&I went to work on right away and used social media to expose the general letter sent to all VFW post about the ban ! And did arrange a meeting with Keith king in Austin the Commander of all VFW posts in Texas and convinced him not only that biker clubs had a long standing history with the VFW but that not all motorcycle club's should be punished for the actions of a few,after all 38% of all biker community's are Veterans thats 5x that of the National average, and the decision was reversed and the ban lifted .



Way to go TCOC&I I congratulations to y'all for good Freedom work done, my hat is off to y'all  ! And the story can be found at the MPP Motorcycle Profiling project.com and it has all the details, it is a good write up check it out Y'all !


  And now its time to break out my Soap Box for class a bitchen on the Pathetic state of the union since the Demonrats managed to steel there way back into power and win the election out from under the true President Donald J. Trump !


First I want to say that everything Trump predicted that Biden (The Potato Head) would do if he became President has happened and It's become even worse than what Trump predicted ! In just over 6 months in office ! He has (not single handley) managed to kill thousands of good paying American jobs when he stoped Constitution on the Keystone pipeline & gasoline prices shot trough the roof, do you think the Potato head can come close to the negotiations that Trump did ? Then he decided to open the gate at the southern border of the United states .


  Flooding our beloved Country with aliens immigrants & foreigners from all over the world Letting all the criminals thugs drugs dealers and gangs like MS13 back into our country & reversing all the good that the Trump administration did to deport those criminals back where they came from, and with out as much as a Covid test, yes just let them all in ! Not to mention the baby rappers and murders and God only knows who else has entered this country through the southern boarder !   But I can tell you now that no one can convince me that this buffoon masquerading as the President has any good intentions for the U.S.A. ! Because he has proven that he does not, and why  his son Hunter Biden is not going up the river is beyond me ? The D.O.J has hit new lows !


And to top it off he is the cause of the Afghanistan debacle, causing hundreds if not thousands of American citizens to be stranded in Afghanistan with the enemy. And left Millions & millions of dollars of high tech weaponry  including warplanes helicopters, humvees and armored vehicles & small arms on the battlefield & bugged out & left it all to the enemy !  No President in history has been that stupid ever before ! I hope his impeachment happens quickly because we as a Nation can not handle any more of his failed leadership. And he is trying to tax our industry into oblivion by taxing chemicals and basic minerals so we won't be able to compete with China and sending our economy down the tubes. I'm saying he must be removed from office before he totally destroys what's left of our Country piece by piece!


  He is on track to do more damage in one year to the good ole US of A than Obama did in eight years ! But then they are probably working in cahoots ! And O, his second in command Camel Crouch harry is most likely, judging from her actions just as cruel and heartless as Biden is ! The mitigated gull of the bitch turns my stomach . Ha, ha, ha nervous laugher, worse than a laughing hyena, God forbid she become the President.


Brothers & Sisters of the biker Nation hear me now, no greater evil has befallen America before in history than this the evil from whith in . Those of you who beleave in God should know that the time of his second coming is near, and I feel bad for those who don't know him and do not beleave, because if you don't find him you will not enter the kingdom of heaven . And I refuse to spend eternity any place else ! Now I'm not going to preach or shove anything down your throat but now you know where I stand on that issue, Im a true believer . After all when this world is gone & humanity no longer exists, what will really matter about your life here? Only the way you treated your fellow man & that is all you will be remembered for no matter if you were a tyrant or a saint ! I hope you get my drift man ?  Because we only have so much time left !


  This has been The Sasquatch on the road report #14 . Sponsored by texasbikerraido.org & The Sons of Liberty Riders MC . A special thanks to the TCOC&I for their work in keeping bikers from being discriminated against in Texas at least at the VFW !  Fight the good fight everybody . And to Popeye & OG the founder & Cofounder of SOLRMC ! They are always doing good for bikers rights and upholding the constitution of the USA. the supreme law of the land  ! Everybody ride safe, keep your chin up and the rubber side down ! SINCERELY SOLRMC Sasquatch .


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