Project Varitas 


Brings to question, just how many teachers are there like this across the Nation? When you look back at womens marches (2017) most participants were radical teachers and teachers unions leading the way. 


You didn't have to look very hard to find antifa embracing the blm movement who's mission is to destroy this country in favor of communism. A bunch of radicalized white kids lead by mostly white women trying to lead the way for radicalized black people in this country.  Somehow it just didn't jive, last thing black people need is white kids speaking for them. It was more about causing chaos in order for a political coup, nothing more.


Our educated guess is there are thousands working every angle to radicalize our children. We believe it's the very reason we have young people marching the streets and burning buildings. Whats worse we have a politcal party sanctioning their cause to destroy our country, our way of life, our Constitution.


Just maybe you should think about getting your children away from public schools by demanding school choice...


Just sayin.. Maybe someone should scare the F*** Out of him...



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