Florida:  Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri like many other law enforcement agencies used the same narratives they've used for decades for the actions of a few. 

Vilifications are now the order of the day across our Nation, it's going to happen tonight as an illegitimate president gives an address to the Nation in an attempt to vilify half the country as fascist, evil and a threat, but I digress. 

In our community setting a false narrative is nothing new. It's a blatant attempt to scare the public. We saw the same narrative being pushed in the Waco Twinn Peaks fiasco. They use old tried and true methods honed over decades of practice. Vilifying everybody including the innocent and that's a fact. What's maybe worse is it spills over into the courts where unscrupulous prosecutors and judges collude with each other. 


Hell, we had a judge in Fort Worth TX allow a 6' fence put up around the county court house as if the jury was going to be attacked by a so called "biker gang". It was pure fiction / theater since we could not find any history of that happening anywhere in this country. In our view that was jury tampering. Should be a new trial at the least.

So lets throw fuel onto the narrative fire, let's add "biker gang" "organized crime" "gun runners" "drug smugglers", of course we know motorcycle clubs are not gangs as in street gangs. We've not seen street gangs running up and down the highway wearing a patch on their back. That being said, it doesn't stop the TX DPS from using the same narrative tactics against targeted 1% clubs or anyone else wearing a Kutte.


Lets not stop there since they also use gang datbases to try and convict the innocent. It's a fact we know gang databases have people who ar not gang members or criminals, never been convicted of a crime or afiliated with the 1% label. You can be put into a gang database without knowing it. Law enforcement does not follow their own guidelines for entering people into the database. There is no audit "ever" atleast here in Texas. 

1% you should know the history of that label and know it was based on a fabricated story by Life Magazine using staged pictures.


Sorry Sheriff but it's true.

Since the George Floyed murder law enforcement has come under great scrutiny, but the vilfication of Bikers remains the same. Throw everybody under the bus regardless of Constitutional Rights. We promise you a Kutte (vest) they love to display has never hurt anyone. 

Violation of Constitutional Rights and vilification of the innocent is where we (Son Of Liberty Riders MC) comes in, we cannot sit in silence when this happens regardless of Club affiliation. It hurts us all and it's just not the truth in a sea of lies.


Law enforcement has begged that we should not judge them for the actions of a few, yet they do exactly that without remorse when it comes to our community...


just sayin 



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