We have 5 to 6 weeks to come together to save the country, the Constitution. There is no doubt of what's coming our way in August. How do we know this? Because the progressive left which includes politicians (backed by China), big tech and the media is already taking actions against us, "We The People".


For instance, Youtube has taken down anything having to do with the 2020 election audits or have you noticed Trump rallies? It's designed to cancel, misinform and silence us. The main stream media is not reporting important information we need to know. We have the right to know if the 2020 elections were fair and honest and if not who was behind it and participated in it. This is not a republican or democrat issue, it's an American issue.


There is no need to move forward until the 2020 election is resolved. All future elections must be secure from all type cheaters foreign and domestic. What happened on Nov 3rd 2020 should never be tolerated again, no matter what it takes. Ignoring it is not going to fix it. 


For these reasons we expect that actions will be taken against TBR News on several platforms that do not believe in free speech and truth. We expect to make some changes including a new News channel that lets it all hang out on a platform that does not censor. There is a learning curve for these new venues. Make know doubt we'll be ready when that happens as painful as that will be for us. It's like starting over from zero or can be. We will be making announcements this week. Both FB & YT have been suppressing our numbers and subscriber searches for months. 


Texas Biker Radio News will continue on Youtube and Facebook as long as they will let us, but we cannot stay away from the honest truth coming in August. It's gonna be a wild ride and you need to be on it. 


Note: We shut down membership on this website texasbikerradio.org because of advertisers and trolls.


Alternant subscribers are at mewe (sons of liberty riders mc - Constitutional Warriors) and rumble under (Tbr News) Another News channel is coming that's gonna be Rate R for rude. Everybody is fair game when it comes to politics. Popeye & OG unhinged. 


It sounds confusing, but it's really not once your logged in. Here's the truth, we have all been lazy to the point we've let politicians, bureaucrats, judiciary and now military, undermine the whole country, pit us against one another, indoctrinate our children, open our borders, support our enemies and the list runs on and on. 


Watch for updates on this webpage as we go into what's coming in August... 

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