We'll dump YT when we talk about something that will get us banned 

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mel moss says... (Reply)
"Popeye & OG Rolled Out To Wets Texas To Attend SOLR West Texas Chapter Event - A Place Like No Other - "Cornudas Texas" - Don't Run Out Of Gas - OG Can Now Be Called Deer Slayer - Yup We're Going To Tell You The Story Tuesday Night - It Gets Worse His Bike May Not Be Back On The Road Till 2022 - Due To What? Parts Shortages Supposedly Made In America - While We Were Gone The Country Continues The Slide To Hell -Its Been Pointed Out To Us Crane Operators In California Are Lazy As Hell And Over Paid - Let us Tell Ya They're Not The Only Ones - Lets Take Stock of Lazy ... That Includes The People Who Are Supposed To Protect Us From This Shit - We Will Simulcast Tuesday Night YT & Rumble - One More Thing We're Not Through With Judge Young Milam County TX - Word From El Paso" (10/19/21)