Less than 15 mins per examination were given by a Waco Grand Jury (GJ) as they indicted 48 more bikers, the total is now 154 indictments. Of course we all know what the GJ heard was all one sided BS and innuendos. Even a stupid DA can get an indictment against a ham sandwich which incapable of doing anything but being eaten. 


​Whats disturbing to us about Waco, everything is cookie cutter with apparently no questions asked. Even the Waco media was pointing out the reason Reyna extended the GJ was to keep the GJ quite about what went on behind closed doors. Bingo! It's all rigged..


Full speed  is the only play Reyna has left. He's got to get as many as he can to plea out in order to save face and save Waco as much money as he can. We're sure there are people waiting in the wings when he's up for Reelection, salivating over a major screw up that's costing the County and State millions...


We are sure there will be some that will plea out, those that are actually guilty of some lesser charge, those that are guilty of running their mouth nothing more.



Our Return To Waco In 2016


We return to Waco on May 14th the weekend before Twinn Peaks Anniversary which is May 17th 2016. The theme of this event is looking to be more about the obvious. We can't expect Bikers to get a fair trial in Waco with a stacked deck. The Good Ole Boys system is ugly and runs against everything the Constitution is about. A fair and speedy trial is no place to be seen in Mclennan County where public official corruption is the name of the game.


For obvious reasons we don't expect any Clubs or individuals involved to be ride with us on the 14th.


But for those riders that believe in the Constitution and the 1st Amendment its time for Patriots, Independents, RC's, MM's to saddle up ride or join us in front of the Mclennan County Courthouse in Waco TX, be bold stand up for yourselves and fellow bikers everywhere...


 Note: We certainly feel sorry for citizens in Mclennan County who are caught up in a judicial system that's gone unchecked for decades. Crooked cops, crooked judges plague the entire State of Texas.


​We must continue to point out the amount of criminals with the ranks of public officials (law enforcement, judicial, politicians) far exceeds anything bikers might be doing.


The News media is responsible for allowing corruption to go unchecked for they too are corrupt..


Butch Moss

Opinions are my own..