The first thought that comes to our minds is not Russia or China. The first thought is Queensland Australia and the battles for freedom the Bikies have been struggling for with for years.


Australia is a democratic socialist country and has been so for the last 100 odd years. Socialist Alliance is a socialist political party in Australia. With branches in all states and territories, it claims to be the largest party on the Australian left.


​The freedoms we enjoy as American Citizens are not the same under a socialist rule, especially if your in a 1% MC or even ride a bike as a group to an event. There's been a fight over really strict anti consorting laws proposed by the left.


Matter of fact some of our laws mimic what we see going on there, like if 3 or more are conspiring to commit a crime even though they maybe talking about ice cream. Under the proposed law you can go to jail for up to a year with no due process for consorting. But we are not sure who plagiarized who on that one. The list is long for what would be Constitutional violations here in our country.


The battle rages in Queensland against the liberals who want draconian laws that really effect everyone and not just bikies.. Freedom is a fragile thing in many countries..


Russian Bikers are a whole different story for the largest MC "Night Wolves" is very political where other MC's say they are not, religion and political is what divides us, we are more concerned with the freedoms motorcycles bring. The Night Wolves have been awarded land and funding by the government for giving up the Club House for a new parliament building. That deal is on hold pending further review, go figure?


China our research didn't identify any dominant MC in China. The main influence for the spawn of MC there is Sons Of Anarchy. MC's in China say, we do away with any bad Hells Angels-type things: drugs, guns, these kinds of gang activities — we don’t copy this. "This is a socialist country — you can’t do that".  Unfortunately for China’s biker Clubs, not everyone sees their pastime as innocent. Motorcycle clubs are commonly regarded as dangerous, hazardous, and indecent in China, partly due to their alternative appearance and lifestyle, says motorbike forum founder Zhai.

Motorcycles are restricted or even outright banned in a number of cities and are prohibited on motorways in many provinces. Read the full article we found, very interesting...


With socialism at our door step in this election cycle we should be aware of the consequences and what it would mean to our community. Many of us might cheer the defunding of the law, but we must understand what we are seeing and the big picture. The law in many places across America folded like a cheap suit. Its in our view it would take long for those remaining in LE would capitulate to whims of the left. The Constitution that provides us with our civil rights would be gone. We already know the courts and FBI are corrupt. Soon we would be Queensland if not worse.