Representative Tony Tinderholt filed HB 948,

the Abolition of Abortion in Texas Act.


In May 2016, the Republican Party of Texas passed a legislative priority calling on the Texas Legislature to “Abolish abortion by enacting legislation to stop the murder of unborn children; And to ignore and refuse to enforce any and all federal statutes, regulations, executive orders, and court rulings which would deprive an unborn child of the right to life.”

The Abolition of Abortion in Texas Act answers that call by outlawing abortion in Texas.


AUSTIN — Law enforcement officials are investigating threats made against state Rep. Tony Tinderholt, R-Fort Worth, and his wife, his campaign confirmed Thursday.

Tinderholt's campaign consultant Luke Macias said the candidate has declined to comment publicly on the threats until "he knows his family is safe." The investigation is ongoing and Macias said officials believe the threats are legitimate.


Texas Biker Radio / Sons Of Liberty Riders MC


Every American Has a right to their opinion and they have the right to get out in protest. Or in State Rep Tinderholt's case to file a bill on what he believes is a righteous cause. Millions of Americans agree with State Rep Tinderholt like it or not.


Those rights end when you or a group make threats against others in any fashion or form, violence, destruction of property, threats of bodily injury or death. We've seen this play out before. Groups like the BLM and others work to inspire the weak minded to take action on those type threats and has resulted in deaths of police officers across America. We think these groups should be held accountable, including those supporting or funding them. 


It wasn't that long ago Son Of Liberty Riders MC and Texas Tactical Patriots was defending the rights of the Trump House in McKinney from destruction of property and death threats for supporting Donald Trump. We put a stop to it all in short order.


Whether it be Innocent Bikers of Waco arrested without due process, the poor black people of Sandbranch TX held captive by their own government and denied basic needs of clean water, the 8 children of 9 11 denied their right to life by murderous terrorists, Sons of Liberty Riders MC is ready to answer the call to duty our oath to protect, defend and organize against the forces of evil foreign & domestic. 


Sons Of Liberty Riders MC is on call if the Tinderholt family needs us. We are the protector of the Constitution and The First Amendment. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but when the crazies on the left overstep, they are their own worst enemy. 


After that it's us...


The DPS has a watchful eye on the situation