Note if media would like to embed on the ride to Waco please contact or Any type vehicle is welcome including news trucks. 


Press  Release:


Ride is organized by Texas Biker Radio SOLRRC 


In a nutshell we feel the riding community has been slander by Law enforcement with the constant barrage of half truths and out right lies. When they retract them the media fails to question. Everything coming out of Waco is a one sided story. When businesses around the state close their doors to bikers. Places we've been frequenting for years because of the TABC's public campaign of guilt by association, drugs, prostitution, sex slaves and "bikers bad".

It's time to say something.

I'm 67 years old, I've been riding motorcycles since I was 8, that's 58 years and I can't tell you where to go to find any of this crap. I'm not saying it doesn't exist, but it doesn't in my world and it doesn't for the majority of Bikers out there. I've never been offered a drug, a prostitute, a sex slave The constant pounding of innuendos or guilt by association effects us all.

They've tried to paint our charity works as fronts for for organized crime. That's an insult and an outright lie for us who believe in those charities. we have Honor Rides for Veterans and the troops throughout the country.


The motorcycle safety work has been impeccable in the Texas 84th legislature. Who was the recipient of that work? "The DPS", is that a criminal enterprise? SB 754 check it out.

As far as what happened in Waco, we think the police have a grasp on what went down and have from the beginning. Really, its a one sided story right now. We hope the truth will come out without lies. We hope the media and the State Attorney general takes a hard look at what law enforcement role was and what went down in the parking lot. We need to know that one shot by an individual didn't turn into a killing field by law enforcement because of hate for bikers.


People that were not involved in the brawl their lives are being torn part, jobs are being lost, children worried about their fathers and mothers. There seems to be a judicial system in Waco that's foot dragging....That's for you guys to investigate, why would that be? Is it the need to fill private run jails?

That's our take..


Purpose of the Ride & Protest: 

The Purpose is simple. We are exercising our Constitution Rights to "peacefully assemble in silent protest", we seek media attention for those that have been incarcerated wrongly, we seek truth wherever that takes us, we want to tell the world we are not criminals as we have been branded..

In a world of a corrupt government from top to bottom and the lack of accountability do you follow what you know is right and true? Do you follow your own eyes and ears? Most Americans capitulate and move on to their own domains..

Not Us, Let's Ride