Wave 1 2015
Wave 1 2015
All For 1 & Texas Biker Radio have put the wheels in motion for Wave 6 in front of The McClennan County Court House May13th 2017. The authorities have been notified we are coming. Our plan is to recreate the first Wave which was a silent protest with everyone making their own signs (speakers may be added). Signs are great visual tools that works well in front of the media. Anyone could be approached by the media be prepared don't let them put words in your mouth and make a fool of you on the 6 o'clock news.



Mel Robins Wave 1 2015

Media has been invited to ride with us as embed reporters. Do the same in your area. Invite them along.

Remember there is always a mission behind the public mission which is to exercise our Constitutional Right to protest / rally to seek redress from our public officials.

They can't stop us!

Wave 6 who will come? Bikers & Patriots who believe that the Constitutional rights of all Americans still exists in Texas. This is not about taking sides, this is about denying / violating the Rights of the innocent not involved in the fight that took place in a parking lot.

Able Reyna has had 2 years to figure it out.

A note to Able Reyna who says he must now wait for federal cases to be completed before trails of the innocent can continue. All he has to do is look north (Dallas) to see the FBI in action, 7 years of investigations down the drain by inept Federal prosecutors. As we've pointed out for the better part of 2 years federal investigations are make work programs for federal employees who's main task is how long can we keep it going, a fed can actually spend most of his or her career on one case. Like AR they are not rocket scientists. 

In our view this is nothing more than judicial foot dragging by Able Reyna & friends in the court house in order to punish the innocent. Remember they wanted to send a message which is not really their job. As Bikers, as American citizens we must speak out and loud using the peaceful methods provided by our Constitution, written by the Founders guided by God. Last time we check Able is not God. 

Unlike past Waves 1-5, Wave 6 will be in full public view on A Saturday right in front of a new farmers market. The media is already contacting us and they are invited to ride along. Media Contact gunbarreltx@gmail.com 

Some attorney's have requested speaking time, we'll see.

Note: May 13th is not a Memorial Service, it's a Constitutional Ride & Rally from all parts of the State. It's been pointed out May 13th is mothers day, bring her along, nothing more exciting than exercising one's Constitutional rights and diner. Click on any pic above to RSVP

May 17th is just around the corner, innocent Bikers should file civil suits now.






Wave 1 2015

Waco Biker Protest from Texas Biker Radio on Vimeo.