The richest man in China throws down a warning at President Elect Donald Trump - "Don't get in the way" American jobs depend on it.


Most Americans have no clue what this guy's been buying up. Wang's growing collection of U.S. entertainment businesses includes AMC Theaters (which is swallowing up Carmike Cinemas (3 in Texas)), movie studio Legendary Entertainment and a recent deal to buy Dick Clark Productions, which produces the Golden Globes and other awards. Don't think he's stopping there. China is the #1 thief of American technology and we better come to grips with it and soon. 


It's called buying up your competition and there are laws against it. 


For decades politicians have been turning a blind eye to anti trust laws. That's how Banks got into areas they should not be in. Over a period of time they got into trouble and here came bailouts for all. Well, not all 100's of thousands of citizens got screwed. Winners and losers chosen as they gobbled each other up. Our government made sure no one suffered but American citizens like GM share holders. 


So much for me going to an AMC Theater from this point on. Screw Mr. Wang he has zero influence on me and where I spend my money. I don't know about President Elect Trump but to me those are fightin words. He doesn't have to fight them we will.


If I can find them, it's American owned companies that hire American citizens that get my business.



For that matter screw OPEC & Russia who have huddled up to reduce oil outputs to increase the price of oil. It's called "price fixing". It's the last thing we needed with Obamacare prices and deductibles exploding.. The middle class and seniors continues to lose ground. These pricks are able to influence our entire economy and no one gives a shit.


Meanwhile we have moe-rons / politicians making asses of themselves chasing hackers, claiming it might have influenced the elections. Now the CIA is once again a ping pong ball.


Never once giving us credit for being able to ignore outside influence. Our best move months ahead of election day was ignoring the media on all sides and then show up to vote.. You see we had already made our minds up..


To them (OPEC) we say FU, full speed ahead, drill baby drill!


Let's be a player instead of victims.




Butch "Popeye" Moss