Sasquatch On The Road #12

Sasquach Un-cut Un-edited as only he can tell it...

Well howdy everyone ☆Brothers & Sisters of the biker Nation. Texas bikers and bikers across the nation & beyond ! This is the Sasquatch on the road report # 12 ! Sponsored by and the Sons Of Liberty Riders MC .

Well I'm going to start off with the heaviest issue on my mind and that is the Presidential election 2020 ! And my soap box is in for a thrashing this time .strap yourself in for some class A bitchen ! I am very disappointed in a lot of people who let this Fraud go down when they could have stood up and stopped it . But as they say follow the money ! Were they threatened into fear for the lives and the lives of their families or bought off by the deep pockets of the Democratic party ? Either way it occurred & it is having a disastrous effect on our country . But they obviously don't care about America, they only care how well their on the take pockets are lined . I cannot understand why anyone in their right mind would actually want Socialism in America ? Although President Trump and his legal team had accumulated a vast amount of evidence of fraud it was all ignored by liberal Judges & Courts all the way to the Supreme court of the land !


Which I am particularly disappointed with, they obviously don't have the balls to stand up for what is righteous or they stuffed their pockets with the Democrats' money and turned their backs on the American people ! And used lame ass excuses like (no standing) when genuine criminal activity was being gotten away with, they didn't want to stick their necks out to do anything to stop it ! And the Department of Justice who is obviously completely blind or is actively participating in laws for us and laws for them ! They turned a blind eye on the problem and let the disease go on its Merry way ! I am completely and Utterly disgusted with the outcome of these Election results & anyone with half a brain knows that President Trump won that Election and had the Demonrats steal it from him, which I predicted they would try to do in my last report before November 3rd ! (Election day) And now we are the ones who are paying for it with Bad politics and terrible decisions from Mr. Potato head the Commander & thief ! The reason they hated President Trump is because he was trying to do so much good for us the American people and stop the dirty underhanded Evil of the deep state and the seemingly bottomless swamp pitt !


They hated him for doing righteous things for America, and to many blind moronic idiots fell for their rhetoric hook line & sinker ! I have always been able to see when someone tries to do the right thing and I clued in on what was really going on early in the game after the 2016 election ! With their claims of Russian collusion and every underhanded trick the Democrats could cook up to try to destroy the Trump presidency and way too many people believed their lies ! They tried everything in their power to destroy the Presidency of Donald Trump but it didn't work because he did none of the wrong they accused him of .


They are the party of hate and they should be removed from power for incompetence & for hating America for starters, they are not working for us the people off this country but instead for the N.W.O.who wants to rule the entire world and they will be the cause of its destruction ! Those of us that know the truth will tell you that the mark of the Beast is just around the corner, even our military has failed to stop this massive insanity & and remove these doers of evil against America ! They have turned a blind eye to this insane travesty as well !


Let's take a look at what Mr. Potato head has done in his first month in office . He Stopped Constriction of the border wall, inviting every third world country in the world to come in, yea bring us your criminal's your murders your baby rapers your disease carrying huddled masses right ? Everyone knows the plaque on the Statue of Liberty was right for that time in history for America, but not so much
now if you have common sence you know that ! The Demonrats are trying to use that to destroy America and its sovereignty .


He stopped Construction on the Keystone XL pipeline, destroying literally thousands of good paying jobs, that will cause a larger carbon footprint by having to transport the oil by Rail & by Trucks ! He has Signed more executive orders than a Dictator on a frenzy, even Mr. Potato head himself said he didn't know what he was signing, but that didn't stop him from singing it ! O, but don't blame him, he is just a puppet for the D.N.C. and the most Liberal person in politics, save A.O.C. is waiting to take his place should anything happen to his 78 year old ass ! I don't see how anything worse, save an all out war could befall our country? They are down right anti American and against the Constitution in so many ways!


Especially free Speech & Gun rights for starters & if they can take those rights away the rest will be easy right ? Well not if I can help it ! Personally I will be working with my Club to stand up for my God given American rights as much & as often as I possibly can, because if I don't do it no one is going to do it for me, I'm not going to give up my rights without a fight and I hope that everyone reading this report feels the same way & is willing to stand beside me ? Or else for instance what if the say riding a Motorcycle represents too much freedom and you can only ride on assigned days, would you stand up then ? Or how about when they decide you law abiding citizens can no longer own firearms, would you stand up then ?


Well people don't wait too long to defend you rights before we all end up being defenceless ! Because as history has shown time & time again there will be nothing left to stop the government from wiping everyone out & taking everything worth fighting for ! We have got to stand up now while we still have a voice or yes they will take away our rights to protest as well, and that people is Communism, and then our voices will be silenced forever more .


The way I see it, we only have so many tools to fight back with, and the time to utilize those tools is now . It's time to get involved and get organized to stand up for your rights before it's too late And the traitors of America take our rights from us all because we didn't want to get up off that lazy boy and do something about it, the time to stand up is now while we still can !

This has been the Sasquatch on the road report # 12 ! I want to thank everyone who is willing to make their voices heard while we still have the right . After all you've got to fight, for the right, of Freedom ! As we all know Freedom isn't Free and if we lay down on the job they will take it from us ! A Special thanks to the President And Cofounder of the Sons Of Liberty Riders MC . Your tireless work and leadership is making a great difference in the lives of many . Thank you Brothers one & All ! And as always Ride Safe & keep the rubber side down ! Sasquatch SOLRMC.