Sasquatch On The Road #11

Sasquach Un-cut Un-edited as only he can tell it...


Howdy everybody,Brothers & Sisters of the biker nation, Texas bikers and bikers across the nation & beyond ! welcome to the Sasquatch on the road report #11 Sponsored byTexas biker radio and the Sons of Liberty Riders MC . Well folks it's time to break out my newly reinforced soap box for some class A bitchen !

As it seems that the motorcycle profiling in Texas is only getting worse according to the latest news, 53 bikers were pulled over, harassed & profilied on their way home from a funeral. But I want my readers to know there is light at the end of the tunnel as in March of 2020 Idaho became the 4th state to pass an anti profiling bill ! S1292 passed by a margin of 37-30 in Idaho House of Representatives . And 3 other States have passed similar Bill's, Washington state in 2011, Maryland in 2016 and Louisiana in 2019 . And the fight continues here in Texas and other states to do the same, and I'm telling you this because this is proof that progress can be made if we continue to push back against this corruption in law enforcement & take the fight to the next legislative session and that is exactly what our club leaders along with the COC&I of


Texas plan to do to get a bill under way in the Capital of Texas, Austin . We here as have been gathering evidence for sometime now so we can present our case to the Legislators and get the ball rolling & I would like to give a heartfelt congratulations to the four states that have signed bills into law against motorcycle profiling !

And now I would like to talk to y'all about the subject of the 2020 Presidential election which has become the biggest scam ever perpetrated on the American People in the history of this Nation ! You see everyone knows that Trump won the election by a landslide and yet the Democrats have defrauded our election process and flipped the win to Sleepy Joe Biden with the help of the C.C.P.and the D.N.C. & large list of other crooks and treasonist !

And what amasses me is the fact that so many politicians & Judges & Lawyers & other Officials have been bought of and compromised by the deep pockets of the Democratic national committee !
This is a travesty and a misscarage of Justice the likes of which has never been seen before In our country and hopefully will never become a reality again ! And it looks like after multiple lawsuits in four swing states by Trump's team of lawyers have been unable to change the outcome of the election, due to compromised and bought off Politicians and is now headed to the Supreme court of the land, where hopefully Trump can get a fair trial and hopefully justice will prevail !

After all Socialism is not wanted by the American people, for the most part that is . But it makes you wonder how some people are so misinformed or just plan retarded and had the wool pulled over there eyes & believe that Socialism is better than capitalism . But it's a lie like so many by the minions of the tradorus leftous Demonrats ! Socialism is Communism by it's real name, and it has failed time and time again throughout history !

And now they have brought the fight here to the U.S.A. And the Patriots of America have always stood against Communism in all of its forms. But the leftous are growing in numbers, why just today you tube announced more restrictions on freedom of speech and said you would be censured if you talked about the election fraud or bad mouthed the Democratic party I'm any way . I believe it's time for social media to die or be totally revamped to conform to the freedom of speech our Constitution guarantees and those
who defied it be formatively punished for it ! Or be permanently put out of business ! Like the
song says, "there are too many people causing too many problems, and not enough love to go around this is the land of confusion" !

Yea, hate will eventually destroy the entire world . And I for one,am glad I won't be around to witness that ! I'm a peace & freedom loving kind of brother man, if you get my drift ? Can you dig it man ? I just hope & Pray for the sake of our Nation that Justice will prevail and President Trump will get his four more years that he has rightfully won and deserves ! If they let that pedifile sleepy Joe Biden in the White House then


I'm afraid America is in big trouble ! Because he and his vice president will finish the job that Obama started and that spells Socialism folks . The Democratic left have never been this close to seizing power, so cross your fingers and pray for America and for our President Donald J. Trump. I'm asking all believers in the biker nation to pray for this country for we are in a time of peril and only the Great spirit in the sky can let the good side win ! And Maybe the Supreme Court if they haven't been corrupted by the Democrats' money ?

I would like to extend a special thanks to the leaders of our club, The Sons of Liberty Riders MC our president & cofounder Mel Popeye Moss & Mel OG. Robbins for their tireless leadership and their unwillingness to give up the fight against those that would destroy are American Constitution ! And also the Administrators of y'all are beautiful man !


This has been the Sasquatch on the road report # 11
Hay my soap box took a beating and kept on repeating ! Ride safe & keep the rubber side down .