Hillary Grin
Hillary Grin
Without watching or reading a single news article this morning I'll tell you my thoughts from last nights debate.


#1 Hillary's entrance by limousine looked badly staged, Bill Clinton got out on one side surrounded by secret service and others, Hillary got out on the other side walking by herself in a slow stiff un-escorted walk. It did not inspire one to think she is well.




What we saw last night was the non politician / businessman  vs a politician / lawyer who failed her D.C. bar exam. There were certainly no knock out punches thrown during the debate even though Lester Holt became the 3rd debater onstage who helped perpetrate a few lies.


In my view the Hillary Clinton beat the crap out of herself. If you were listening closely and not watching that shit eating grin. What you heard was the same old same old amid a stream of lies and political double talk. 


Not in any particular order:


When talking about financial collapse during 2008 she left out the root cause, can you say Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac who were pressured by democrats like Chris Dodd & Barney Frank to make loans to people who could not afford them. Then the wise asses on Wall St. started bundling these mortgage backed securities to sell around the world. President Bush tried to reel them in but it was probably too late at that point, he did warn us. Hillary was all in on too big to fail and would be the reason she is supported by all the big financial institutions to the tune of millions of dollars.


I was shocked to hear her talk solar energy, but this shows you she is stuck pitching the same old programs with nothing really new, it's more of the same. Can you say Solyndra? We went down that road once and tax payers were bilked out of billions of dollars and absolutely no one held accountable. Expensive wind and solar will never supply more than 15% of the nations needs. An electrical grid that depends on weather is not a reliable source of energy. 


Hillary Clinton actually admitted guilt in front of 100 million viewers when it came to her servers / emails. The only reason she was standing on that stage is the cover up by her and the Obama administration. Which includes the FBI Chief and the Attorney General who reused to prosecute. All should be in jail in my opinion. Everybody in the country knew the fix was in when Bill Clinton met with Attorney General Janet Lynn in the now famous tarmac meeting siad to be grande baby talk. Again no one is held accountable for their actions, apologies are not enough. Lets have a real prosecutor. 


Hillary attacked viciously with help of Lester Holt on Trumps tax returns. Citing the IRS said there no reason he can't release his returns. Since when has the IRS become a reliable source? We already know the IRS is partisan. People like the Clinton's who live on the outside edge of the law should not throw bricks. The IRS is looking at the Clinton's pay for play scandal. Lets hope it will be investigated under a new administration who actually seeks justice. 


Most folks I talk to could give a crap about his tax returns.Hillary Clinton knows full well corporations do not pay taxes, taxes are figured into the cost of the product so that means we pay them. 


Hillary and Lester Holt teamed up again over Donald Trumps support of the Iraq war, knowing full well this it was a lie. Let the videos show he was not in support of the Iraq war. 


Hillary and Lester Holt Teamed up again over stop and frisk which is not unconstitutional.  On August 12, 2013, U.S. District Court Judge Shira Scheindlin ruled that the stop and frisk practice was unconstitutional and directed the Police to adopt a written policy to specify where such stops are authorized. ... Although the appellate court "rejected" the city's motion for a stay.


​Hillary never mentioned a word about tax cuts, only taxing the rich and corporate loop holes that they (politicians) created. We've been hearing that line from democrats for at least the last 20 years. Apparently Hillary did not understand or forgot the lessons of Obama, shovel ready jobs by government do not exist. Those jobs are long term. It takes 10 years to plan, jump through regulations and build highways.


Politicians never talk about the benefits they and their staffs receive. They've given themselves generous packages we can only dream of, they are full of themselves and think they are special, when in fact they are gang of thieves who could care less until its time to vote.


For immediate stimulation we need tax & regulation cuts so business can flourish. Hillary will tax and spend into a crony capitalism hell.


Should I continue, lies, scandal, cover ups, is the order of the day by the Clinton's, the Obama administration and the media.   



Can a lone businessman battle his way through? Its up to us to wade through the bull shit and seek truth..


The left and Hillary will say this was a knock out punch, I say not so much...


God Help Us!