It's clear with the discovery of Secret Society's within the FBI & the DOJ it sheds a new light on our efforts to expose corruption at all levels of government. It goes to show that even the organizations you thought were above unscrupulous behavior are no better than our society as a whole. 


But in this case they use their power of unlimited investigations, unlimited amounts of money has been used to try and destroy lives, destroy a Presidency, destroy a Nation. It is now exposed for all to see and we've just begun. So lets go from there down to the lower levels of government which suffers from the same ills. 


May we suggest to you secret society's exist everywhere there is an organization. Made up of people within the organization, working in the background to manipulate or destroy either the organization itself or people that are caught within their web.  Much of it for funding and political reasons. Federal Courts are among the worst.



The McLennan County courthouse is one such organization, Judges, Prosecutors in collusion to have their way. Never has it been more obvious, more exposed, more "arrogant"! Like the FBI, the question is just how far does it go?


In both cases it will be found out. 


There are  motions for an expedited hearing on the state’s motion to recuse Strother. Anything outside of speedy action allowing a disqualification hearing on Abel Reyna is just another sign of the collusion. Corruption that could spread further than the McLennan County Courthouse. No group of judges or county prosecutor should have a stranglehold on the courts, a city, county or a State.


People want to believe their elected officials, the police officers, the judges, the state legislature, the entire government are above the corruption we see from society as a whole. 


They Are Not - They Can Be Corrupted By The System Itself


Judge Strother contacted Regional Administrative Judge Billy Ray Stubblefield, who appointed Retired State District Judge Phillip Vick of Denton County on Tuesday to preside over the recusal hearing. No hearing date had been set Tuesday.


It's now Judge Vick at the bat, is he a Good ole Boy? Party Guy? Alumni? Part of The Courthouse Mafia? A Secret Society Member?


Maybe Soon We'll Know - Let The Corruption Stop Now