As a Veteran I find myself ashamed of schools, colleges and businesses who have turned our flag into what they now say is a symbol of fear in the minds of our young people. The other half of that equation is those that have been invited or illegally came into this country who have not assimilated into American society and have no intention to (they have infiltrated colleges across the country).   


At the center of the most recent storm is Hampshire College Amherst Mass. It’s been a week of flag-related controversy for, after the school’s Board of Trustees made the decision to lower the U.S. flag on campus to half-staff in the wake of the presidential election–and then decided to remove the flag entirely after a wave of backlash.


Hampshire College President Jonathan Lash told the media he knows it’s a controversial decision to remove the flag, but he wanted to create a dialogue among those with differing opinions about the symbol.


TBRN: Bullshit! They're doing nothing more than appeasing progressive faculty and students. 


“There were a range of views on campus, including people whose experience growing up have made the flag a symbol of fear and those who see it a symbol of whats good about our country. 


On Veterans Day, someone removed the flag and burned it. “In the middle of the night, we have no idea who did it or even why,” said Lash. So that’s why they decided to take down the U.S. flag–and all flags–on campus.


​TBRN: This is the point when non progressive adults at the campus should take the reigns and put the Flag right back up where it belongs. This is the point where funding should be taken away by the state, the federal government and the alumni if they have balls. What we are seeing is a cancer within the education system, this is not about free thought, this is about indoctrination and creating radicals. 


Of course, that decision has created even more backlash, and Lash said there “certainly is” a lot of anger about the decision. 


Tuesday afternoon, the school posted on its Facebook page to say they were temporarily suspending comments because their staff was about to go on holiday, and could not keep up with the huge volume.

The plan now that the flag is down is for group discussions with faculty, staff, and students about the issues, but there is no timeline for when the flag might fly again.

“We intend to go forward with that, and then reconsider how we fly the flag going forward,” Lash said. Lash outlined the school’s previous policy for lowering the flag, and why the decision to lower it is sometimes difficult.



“When President Obama ordered national flags at half-staff to recognize the victims in Paris, something we completely agreed with, there were a number of people on campus that said ‘Yes, but, what about the hundreds of people being killed  by terror in Syria and Lebanon and Pakistan?’ and asked that the school find some way to recognize victims globally,” said Lash. “So we periodically lowered the flag to recognize victims of violence.”

He said the school will focus on completing those group conversations before putting the flag back up.


​TBRN: At some point the school admin should set the example and quit letting the progressive crazies run the asylum that's called Hampshire College school of lower learning and progressivism. 



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