The TABC's latest Press Release is laughable. As a former partner in a Bar I can tell you when the TABC sends out a suggested guideline you take notice. That letter means proceed at your own risk here's what we think. 


I'd be wondering what Woody's or the Spot in Galveston would think about the latest actions of the TABC who's trying to act innocent. They too are joining in the hype and smear against "all" motorcyclist who wear patches or belong to clubs.




They've (TABC & LE) yet to explain just what criminal activities were going on at Twinn Peaks? They stepped in and suspended the TP license within hours of Waco PD Sgt Swanton belly aching about TP's management. As if planned ahead of time the TABC stepped in before any kind of investigation really began.


Not only did the TP franchise owner lose their franchise within hours employees lost their jobs. Those actions and now threats and suggested guidelines are Gestapo type tactics in our book.


This weekend Sons of Liberty Riders RC went on a scheduled run to San Angelo. Along the way we stopped at a Chillies, we got a lot of looks. We put on a happy face and everything was fine. We are waiting for someone to turn us away. We will not be happy when that happens. We'll make note and move on. 


All bikers and clubs must get out there and set the public straight on this issue with a smile and all the charm you can muster. We have a lot of PR work to do, we all have been damaged not only by the incident at TP but the smear campaign that continues out of Waco. 


We now hear there may be some connection between Swanton and his church down the road who had a problem with the so called breastaurant.  if that's true it puts a whole new light on the city of Waco and it's LE.


I don't no how many times we have to say it we are not criminals nor involved in any criminal activities. Just how many incidents of this magnitude have happened in the last 20 yrs?