The Instigators of Police Officer assassinations walk free around the country. Claims of innocence by hate filled groups like the BLM and the next generation action network.  They walked 5 Dallas Police Officers into the sights of an assassin. There is nothing innocent about them. But the calls for the assassination of Police Officers went higher than these morons.


Many say It started at the top and continued on through the DOJ, the Congressional Black Caucus and the usual suspect Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton just to name a few. Actions and in actions fanned the flames of hate and prompted the weak minded to take actions of murder. It is reported these networks are funded by the likes of George Soros and continue to operate to this day. 


We think they should be in jail.



​That being said we concur that police brutality has gotten out of hand no matter the color of your skin. The police has been victims of their own training, ego's and a court system that protects them even when they've clearly done wrong. Killing the innocent and unarmed reached new levels and continues to this day.  Every time the victim is black it enforces the hate on the streets of American black communities. 


​Just this week Police Officers in New York and San Antonio murdered. This is not stopping anytime soon. We have a drug & alcohol epidemic on the streets of America. There's a constant that has to skew the vision of law officers. The police perceive everyone they come in contact with as a threat. It doesn't matter color. They can and will come at you with overwhelming force guns drawn. 


We saw this not long ago in Waco as at least 30 law officers chased down 1 black man with a knife, guns riffles at the ready. 


One thing more. It's not Bikers calling for the assassination of Police Officers. Even though Law Enforcement vilifies us all.


We say to Police Officers everywhere watch your back, they're are not done filling the air with hate. 


Example Of A Racist Hate Monger: 


As the one year anniversary of the ambush approached, the Dallas County Commission voted on a resolution to make July 7 a day to honor all fallen law enforcement officers. All commissioners voted “yes,” except for Commissioner John Wiley Price.

CBS11 called Price to get his side of a story, but one of his staffers hung up are we requested an interview.


​Thank you FBI who could not convict whats said to be the most corrupt county commissioner in the country. WOW!