Stay Tuned - Probably the most sought after sit down interview since 2015 is on the horizon says Radio Legendary Jim Parks in an All For 1 Facebook post. 

RL: The next time my readers see anything in these columns will be a report on an interview with Bandidos U.S.A. President Bill Sartelle in this city (Galveston). His spokesman says he has something to say to the world, and it will be a first for a Bandidos President while occupying his office to give an interview to any form of the media, including social media.

True, Jeffrey Pike gave Ed Lavandera of CNN an interview following the Twin Peaks Massacre, but not as president. He had stepped aside in the aftermath of his arrest and indictment for racketeering.

My intention is to visit with Mr. Sartelle, learn of his expectations and what he wants to accomplish in this historic meeting, and then allow him to say what is on his mind before asking any questions.


TBR: We're sure there has been many requests since Twinn Peaks. During the first All For 1 Rally in Waco HBO Vice (Produce by Bill Maher) joined us for the trip to the McClennan County Court House kept asking if we could help them get interviews with the Bandidos or Cossacks.


We had to make it clear our Mission was the Constitutional Rights of those who were innocent of any crimes. We never had the connections to make those type interviews happen nor did we want to. We thought they would skew what was said to fit their own agenda. We had seen enough misinformation in the early goings thanks to Sgt Swanton and media types who painted the entire Biking community as thugs. 



Our suspicions of HBO Vice were probably correct. They hung with us for days and took many hours of video. The project was shelved. We think it did not go to the level of bad ass or fit the narrative they wanted to present to the public. We always search for truth and use the Constitution to seek it.


 Radio Legendary has his own style of writing that not many investigative reporters share. With all that's transpired since Twin Peaks this interview should be interesting to say the least.