Sheriff Waybourn ,


On 9-22-18 a group of Bikers from Vagos MC stopped in at Wilson's Leather Goods  2225 N Main St, Fort Worth. They were simply looking for rain gear. Before they entered the business they put their weapons in their saddle bags which is customary for most groups entering a family or restricted place of business (bar or restaurant) .


They hailed from Missouri which is a Constitutional carry State. Who had eyes on them is unknown. In comes the Fort Worth PD SRT Unit from every which direction. The behavior of that SRT was despicable. Especially when members of that Club were complying with every demand without a word.  There was no reason for what seemed to be the leader of that SRT Unit to pull a gun with an 8 year old child near by, "NONE"!  He told members of that Club they would be taken to jail if they violated minor traffic infractions like not putting a foot down at stops, failure to use a turn signal or so on, that FTW was their town. Two of their members were arrested for having a hang gun as an OMG member which is listed in the 2015 FBI Report as a crime among many. This has been found unconstitutional by the courts, especially if you've been vetted and have a concealed to carry permit.

The one Bandido that was found guilty on that in El Paso will win on appeal.

We happened to be there. The ATF sent out an alert to FTW PD that the Mongol's were coming to the Stockyards for a Rally 300 to 700 strong. Then it was passed on to the Star Telegram news where everything was regurgitated, everything but hide your women and children.


We happened to be in the Stockyards to see just how much of that report was just hype? Our count was 40 Mongol's on their best behavior in the Stockyards, eye's were on them and they knew it. We even talked to them with proper MC Protocol along with Soldiers For Jesus. This is what we do. Why they were here is still in the air,  but the Stockyards would be central for members from Florida and California members who were present.  It's in our opinion this was hyped by the ATF & FTW PD in order to set a narrative, we've seen this before. It's not illegal to exist peaceably.

Wilson's Leather Goods has been in that location for 38 years. Clubs of all types come in, Mr Wilson does not refuse or discriminate, he's open to the motorcycling public including Law Enforcement Clubs who all gather in peace getting patches sewn on or buying leather goods and other products.  It's clear his place of business has been targeted and continues to be. Since the indecent on 9-22-18 other Bikers have been stopped and profiled for "shopping"! Including none Club members. Which gives much concern. 

We feel there is an increasing pattern developing starting with the pepper spraying Officer of FTW PD, the rant by one of your own Deputies in White Settlement, fences around the court house and extra security during trials as if Biker Club  Members are after the jurors, clearly an attempt to sway jurors. Shades of Waco.

As you know we lead many of these type rallies and protests in Waco where the DA has not won a single case against the 177 Biker arrested, most for crimes they did not commit. We knew many of them present at Twinn Peaks, people that have done Legislative work with us side by side.


The reason for zero convictions in Mclennan County is a corrupt DA Abel Reyna & corrupt courts guilty of collusion in the public's eye with our help. Abel Reyna was easily defeated in the primaries. 

Our hats are off to the McLennan County Sheriffs department who saw to our safety and kept the Waco PD out away from our events. Of course that was in front of a courthouse. This continues over 3 1/2 years later, we are not finished. We know the methods and no one knows them better than we do.

We are not anti Police far from it. We want everyone home safe every night. Their job they see the worst of the worst. We understand.  We do not condone the actions of groups like the BLM and other left winged groups that call for harm to Police Officers and we have stated it publicly.

For these reason we will execute our Constitutional Rights to seek redress. We plan a Ride & Rally that will take us through the Stockyards & To Wilson's Leather Goods to show our support to exist in peace.


Mel "Popeye" Moss
President Sons Of Liberty Rider MC
Texas Defenders Region 2