If you watched the ABC documentary Truth & Lies Waco last night it left us with the same old questions, nothing was really put to bed. For the most part they all said it never should have happened. In the end they made sure to point the finger at David Koresh but not before pointing the finger at the bungling Chief Deputy Daniel Weyenberg of the McLennan County Sheriff's Department, ATF and FBI. Everybody knows Koresh could have been arrested walking the streets of Waco or dining out. The whole drill and the loss of life was unnecessary. 


When the Sheriff saw things going bad he should have put on his big boy pants and said thanks but we'll handle this, get the hell out. But he had already opened the bag when he didn't do his own investigation. He could have gone to the media and said these jokers are going to get children killed, a ground swell of citizens would have had his back across the Nation.



This seems to be a built in trait of Six Shooter Junction, go big or go home, headlines for me and you. When you step back and look it it the same thing happened at Twinn Peaks, totally preventable by the Sheriff or Waco PD by just being seen in the parking lot. In our view common sense was overrode by over zealous DPS informants and a unprepared WPD assault team hiding in adjacent parking lots, said they were data gathering. Under testimony it was clear they were confused about their mission.  


Under oath the current Waco Police Chief said, we take reports by informants with a grain of salt for they are unreliable.


Tell us about it.


​Waco claims it's moved on with the success of the Fixer Uppers who's built an ever expanding empire selling over priced goodies to the public. Of course we wish them well and a prosperous life. Love them cup cakes.


But in the back ground of it all nothings changed in all these years. It's as if a dictatorship rules the county, controls everyone, minority's are in their place. Like children to be seen but not heard. No voice, no recourse.


We're just sayin,