Texas Governor Gregg Abbott was the 1st to announce he would introduce a plan for reopening Texas, it has set off a New "Great Race". You would have to think Texas has the advantage since it has less dense cities where people live on top of one another, there's also the advantage of more Corporations moving to Texas where COVID 19 has relatively low numbers of cases and deaths. Didn't encourage people to go to parades and events like Chinese New Years gatherings. Actually canceled Mardi Gras Parade in Dallas. On top of it all Texas heat is just around the bend..


East - West Coast - 50 Racers - Texas in the middle of the pack



In this Great Race there's surly to be some casualties. These Governors has set themselves up to be criticized as the President is everyday unmercifully. Unless they are democrats.


We'll see if they get a pass on what could be a deadly pileup for particular States, where cities have progressive leaderships that are prone to make goofy mistakes because of political correctness and constant infighting..  


At the same time there is a battle between the President and Governors on who has the authority to make these important decisions like reopening a State or A Country? The President let Governors make the call on shutting down the States and he should do the same in reopening them.


The Federal government will issue reopening CDC guidelines for 50 racers. We do believe the President will have oversight and will end up coming to the rescue for States like Michigan Governor Whitmer (D) that's trying to control what you buy at COSTCO.


There was not one State that was prepared for covid 19 and many went into a panic asking for things they did not need based on projections with little data to back them up. NY York Governor lead that charge with constant whining. Thousands of beds and ventilators not needed. 


President Trump is adamant about his power during this pandemic. I would not bet against him in this case. We are in uncharted territory with a media / progressive politicians that has one goal. Destroy Trump even if it means death and destruction to do it. Trump will be fine no matter what, the rest of us, not so much..


Let the race begin... There's no shortage of people who think it's all bullshit and are ready to get back out there "naked if possible", who needs a face mask, who needs gloves and 6' of space? Not me!. Damned the virus full speed ahead they say..


This should be interesting to watch from home while eating vienna sausages with Gus.