SNL Cast - Can't Nmae 1
Old SNL Cast - Can't Nmae 1
There's very little worth watching on major network channels nowadays. In particular sitcoms, award shows, dramas and the never ending fake news channels. Everywhere you turn it's a constant pounding of socialistic politically correct indoctrination and views .


Shows like the Voice who seems to go out of their way to present us with same sex couples. Saturday Night Live quit being funny 20 years ago, where have all the Jim Belushi's Dan Akroyd's  gone?



Maybe all of this explains the gravitation toward reality TV where ordinary Americans are doing extraordinary things. You certainly have a better shot at wholesome family entertainment that a little easier to identify.  It's not hard to name a few we've grown to love over the years (networks don't count) Duck Dynasty, Orange County Choppers, Deadliest Catch, Little People, Alone, Kitchen Nightmares, Cake Boss, Kate Plus 8, Alaskan Bush People. Who doesn't like God, cool cars, motorcycles, guns and hunting?


We have literally watched real kids and families up on TV with all the tragedies and triumph of real life. Let's all strive to do better and be more selective on what our children view. Stay away from indoctrination and outright filth.


God & Country


Respect Popeye