Over the past couple of days I decided I had better get back into the political scene and see what the damage is. I put on my cut and went to a candidates  forum Thursday night that included A State Legislator, a candidate for Sheriff and a candidate for city council.


All were getting a early start for the next election cycle. I made sure to get around the room and shake everyone's hand including the candidates. The point there was to make sure they had ample time to see my cut. I wanted to see what the reactions might be.The candidate for Sheriff did talk to me briefly about the bikers locked up, million dollar bonds and branding everyone inside twinn peaks as taking part in a criminal enterprise. 


​I asked and received 5 minutes to speak to the audience about Waco. I gave them a run down on what a COCI meeting is and what that particular meeting was suppose to be about. Then I went into the fact that the people inside the restaurant that had no part of what went on in the parking lot were arrested under million dollar bonds, I explained there were Christian Bikers, Veteran Bikers, Marine Corp Bikers, Independent Bikers inside that were not and never have been part of a criminal enterprise. 


As I was speaking I could see the heads shaking as if in disbelief. Then the hands popped up. One person asked just who did all the shooting? What agencies were involved? How are they holding them without charges? Was homeland security there? Will we ever know the truth, do you think this is a cover up? 


After the meeting a crowd came up to talk to me. The feed back I got from them was the are really skeptical of the information coming out of Waco. There is a genuine distrust in government. 


The politicians kept their distance.


The candidate for Sheriff left early said he had a FBI meeting to go to over stuff Mel Moss was doing.


That was a joke, "I think"?