Abel Reyna's latest Ad sends chills up and down your spine when he "tearfully" claims they are living in a constant state of fear talking in code, practicing maneuvers to check if they're being followed. Then the Baylor U grad turns around with a close up video of his family at the table. He was concerned for his wife and child before he wasn't, meaning his campaign ad is more important than his kid or wife.


How stupid!


For a man that makes a living sending  criminals to jail it was quite revealing. There could be several things at work here, his ego is out front of any common sense, it's all about him or he's really not as smart as he thinks he is and he doesn't know what in the hell he's doing. Wouldn't be the first time a flim flam man made it into a public office.


Voters are gullible and they want to believe in their candidate to a fault.


Everyone with a lick of common sense should encourage Abel Reyna to take images of his wife and child out of the video if he believes they are in real danger, otherwise shut his pie hole and quit whining.