May 27th 2022

Update May 26th 6:07pm : So here is the latest update. There was no security officer at the Elementary. The shooter bought an AR15 on his 18th birthday, 3 days later he bought another, all this included ammo 556. Shooter posted on FB that I'm going to shoot my grandmother. A few minutes later I shot my grandmother now I'm going to shoot up an elementary school

Shooter takes his grandmother's pickup truck and crashes it close to the school, then takes shots at people standing outside a funeral home.

Takes AR and ammo, fires shots at the school building, jumps the fence, finds a door unlocked. It's reported he fired shots upon entry. Shooter gains entry into a 4th grade class and begins killing. We do not know when he barricaded himself in the classroom.

Note: You should never label anyone a hero before the facts are in.

Police arrive on the scene within 4 min they say. It's reported a couple of officers went into the building and were shot at, do not know if they returned fire and at this point they called for backup and set a perimeter around the building.

Then they waited and waited and waited approx 1 hour as parents who lived close by gathered outside the building crying for help and urging them to go into the building now, there may be children and teachers bleeding out!

So now we find out law enforcement went toward the fire before they didn't. Most mass shootings last about 5 min it's reported. Therefore the protocol should be you enter take on the suspect and do not stop the assault keep them busy until they are taken out.

We don't know what kind of information the DPS gave Gov Abbott while he was busy labeling everyone a hero and going toward the fire. It was clearly not the case according to the parents who were begging for help.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions, like who was the person that shot the video of the shooter entering the building and what did he do? Did the police go to the funeral home 1st and maybe be distracted? Did the police actually evacuate people during the hour waiting for a special border patrol unit? Why didn't the DPS tell the Gov there was an our delay or did they? 

More to come..


Update May 26th: LE doesn't always tell the truth or they leave certain things out. The big riff it seems is the time it took to get the special unit to the building. There were parents outside the school during this time which is said to be 40 min to an hour. It's reported some wanted to go in. What we've learned is police arrived within minutes, said they couldn't get to the shooter, set up a perimeter waited on special border patrol unit which is protocol. More to come as the truth makes it to the surface.


We've also learned the potato head biden is headed to Uvalde soon. Does he really help?


Frances O'Rourke makes an ass of himself with a political stunt at Uvalde school shooting update by Gov Abbott. Mayor of Uvalde shouts out you sorry son of a bitch for trying to politicize the deaths of 19 children. Abbott says there is a time and place for debate and now is not the time with parents and a community grieving.


Frances is not the only one trying to make political hay over the unfolding tragedy. The usual suspect who never let a crises go to waste were out in full force with the media in tow. The new narrative is something has to be done, without explaining just what that might be. Once again they try to put the blame on republicans who support out 2nd amendment rights. So the not so new branding is we support the killing of innocent children.


Maybe democrats should look into the mirror when talking about killing innocent children through abortion by the 100's of thousand each year.  That's another issues though.


Lets talk about Texas Schools who were given 600 million for school safety programs. Through the news media it's reported 200 school districts requested funds or initiated programs. That's out of 1500 reported. An internet search say we have 1247 school districts??


Robb elementary "reportedly" had a program with a guard, a fence (I could jump over) and protocol for access into the building. None of that really works if the shooter can jump the fence in the rear of the building and walk through an unlocked or open door. let me add, as a former security worker (burglar alarms / cctv) security should begin outside the building not inside. 


We would say lets give it a few more days and see what more we can find out along with what's true and what's political misinformation. But let us point out the obvious our country is being run by a bunch of politized misfits, this includes our school districts who we believe are at the core of what we see wrong in this case. School safety was thrown out the window in favor of wild eyed curriculums and teacher unions obsessed with their sway with covid issues and not the children.   



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