Candidate Barry Johnson at least has the cajones to have a dialog with Motorcyclist, whether they be Club Members or Independents. Matter of fact he listens to what you might have to say regardless of who you might be. It's the trait of a good leader, a honest man, a good human being.


It's called doin what's right within  the Constitution.


On the other hand we have Abel Reyna who listens to no one but himself. Over the past (almost) 3 years that advice has been bad, real bad! For a month we watched Abel Reyna sit in court while his assistants presented a case designed by him, we didn't see him do much but spring up to the Judges bench to explain why the defense didn't have evidence he was supposed to give them by law.



We thought he had turned into a toad at one point.


We think he never stopped for a moment to consider if any of the lies and innuendos that came from DPS, FBI CI's or UC's were true. I bet if we went and looked he's not had many Biker cases to prosecute much less to investigate. 

​That didn't make him any difference he threw away the paint brush and grabbed a FBI / DPS roller and started spreadin the news "look at me, look at me". Well, it took almost 3 years to paint himself into a corner. In all that time he's yellin it's complicated. One excuse after the other. During the Jake Carrizal trial it wasn't long before the wheels came off the rollin paint bucket. Even the Waco Tribune saw it.

Now instead of look at me, Abel Reyna hides. He seeks safe places within the Republican Party and those who are blind to the truth. But we'll be there every time he comes up for air. 


On Thursday 11:45 am - Texas Rangers Hall Of Fame  


Barry Johnson vs Abel Reyna